One Billion Rising


Rolling (Photo credit: rita banerji)

The Gang Rape in New Delhi caused an international uprising vs. the disrespectful treatment of women in so many countries. Yesterday a worldwide action started with the title “One Billion Rising”: global campaign to end violence against women and children. Since several years I’m [me = father of two daughters, one an architect, the other a banker] supporting the political engagement of the author Rita Banerji in Calcutta. She wrote an interesting book with the title “Sex and Power“. Book Cover below:
Sex and Power
‘One Billion Rising’ global campaign to end violence against women and children


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15 responses to “One Billion Rising

  1. I tried to watch the one from the Philippines and I had to stop. Thank you for helping bring awareness to this issue. It is overdue.


  2. TBM

    Such a horrible crime. Thanks for raising awareness.


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  4. Shards Of DuBois

    WOW I’m IN!


  5. Thanks for this post! I’m in, too! 🙂


  6. It gives me much hope when a man joins this protest. Thank you FT.


  7. Dear Dietmar, Thank you so much for your support again! I was desperately trying to raise support to stop the marriage of 14 year old Safa. But as usual government and family politics have won in India! The law means nothing! Today she will be married to an adult man. It’s rape of a child and we can do nothing. I don’t feel like singing and dancing. I want to cry, and shout and yell with anger at the government, at international leaders who care more about business then human ethics, even at artists who use their art often to make a commercial enterprise out of violence on women instead of using it to move parliaments and laws to protect girls and women! Safa’s story:


  8. Thats a great thing rita 🙂 I am glad you are doing this!!!!!


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