Lightning struck Vatican

On Monday, February 11th, a lightning struck the Vatican, on the same day, when Pope Benedict XVI. resigned! The photo was published in TV news or for example in the TELEGRAPH. I don’t believe, that God in anger wanted to punish Joseph Ratzinger. I’ve learned in physics, that the earth electricity finds it way out of the highest point (a tree, a church) trying to join the electricity of the clouds. My favorite diary writer, G. C. Lichtenberg (1742-1799), he thought, that churches are built like needles pointing to heaven, because that’s the way to focus and send the sound of loud prayers up to heaven. So the photographer who fixed the document of lightning over the Vatican’s church watched just the very moment, when pope Benedict XVI. sent his message to God (IT’s DONE, SIR!). Atheists say, the photo was a fake, a photoshop result. Atheists never can find the reality. They are silly.
Below another example for a lightning: the mighty brains of Bangkog inhabitans are sending some ideas to heaven. Photo (not the interpretation) by ooka medias, click on the picture, to enter their galleries on Flickr!
big flash of lightning, Bangkok
Vatican Lightning:


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22 responses to “Lightning struck Vatican

  1. For me God was angry
    After a lightning at home
    i did not understand the message
    God was sent to me



  2. I’m sorry, but Pope Benedict XVI tendered his resignation on Monday, February 11th and it will become effective on February 28th.


  3. I saw it on the news, alive….Well…I thought may be it was a sign…The journalist was talking at that moment about the Vatican politics…


  4. Hard times for hard-liners: The time for irreversible change is now! Now change can stand on its head, and replace politics with politics, life with death and death with death…The shallowness know no depth! It’s time to reinvent G-d as old symbols are lost to fear
    Or is it?
    Enjoyed your post Frizztext.



  5. hmmmm…what a funny coincedence. πŸ˜‰


  6. On February the 22nd a lightning struck the Vatican,

    That’s your opening line!! I love it… Feb 22 is my day! So… maybe I should change into something strange and enter my CV for a tour of the Vatican… a loooon tour… 10 years in the palace? Mmmm… πŸ˜‰


  7. I pondered what intended message did that strike represent? How dare you jump ship? Or, woe be unto those behind the scenes who might hae prompted that resignation?.. or.. or..
    I’m just a bohemian artist living way off the grid, so I’m not sure what was/is behind his resignation. I respected his decision.

    Great post! Now for that “G” post.. It’s incubating!


  8. Shards Of DuBois

    it was the joy of the world reaching up to God to thank Him, for removing the wrong person for the job! πŸ˜‰ and I’m waiting to hear the real reason for his resignation…the one the other popes don’t want you to know….. word was more than half were unhappy with his works!


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