Courageous Climbing

I’m always amused by our cat, when she is climbing up to a tree’s top longing to reach a bird’s nest there. The photo below was shot by myself in Berlin. Click on the picture to read more about the roof climbing challenge there. But the ultimate thrill I had reading an article with the title Aerial-Beauty-Captured-In-Death-Defying-Photos
[= “Russian photographer Vadim Mahorov has captured simply breathtaking series of dramatic aerial landscapes, infiltrating forbidden areas …]
Not illegal, the pay for the training in Berlin-Friedrichshain, Cassiopeia Park; but maybe illegal, at least “death defying”: the story below, click on the links …

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13 responses to “Courageous Climbing

  1. Death defying photos?!?!!??!
    Oh my goodness! I was sick to my belly just looking at those things!


  2. WoW..,.I can’t imagine doing that as a sport ! Thank you for sharing…
    and I’m happy the photo was BY you and not OF you !


    • I realized that I hadn’t looked at ALL the photos…just the link on roof climbing….OMgoodness… me the shivers just looking at them…
      couldn’t linger. Courageous…I don’t think so …Good grief…what is wrong with those people !
      Thanks for sharing…and heights and death defying climbing is not for me!


  3. got dizzy by just looking at the photos and scary too!


  4. Fantastic shots – kudos to these fearless kids for capturing the views we can’t!


  5. Fabulous shots; but, I get weak-kneed just looking at them!


  6. those are some amazing photos! z



    Thats cool- he is hooked on clearly- I am not afraid of heights – just deep water!


  8. Your photo is daring enough fo rme, the ones in the link are terrifying!


  9. What a girl – and what a energy in the photo… 🙂


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  11. YIKES! They are stunning, but you will never see me doing those…at least not voluntarily. I’m too scared.


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