The Carnival Bacillus

From South America (not only Brazil) to New Orleans, from Venice to Cologne (in Europe): there’s a bacillus in these days called Carnival…
title=”venezia” – photo by alessandro 1948, sent to my flickr group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter the galleries of Alessandro
below: four photos by Ray Devlin, sent to my flickr group BLOG IT!
click on the 4 pictures to enter the galleries of Ray Devlin:
Mardi Gras New Orleans+Mardi Gras New Orleans
French Quarter Fat Tuesday+Mardi Gras New Orleans
Iko, Iko by the DIXIE CUPS is a typical Carnival song:


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6 responses to “The Carnival Bacillus

  1. what a fun version of this song! thanks from the ecuador’s pacific coast, where carnival is a big event, but is a tamer version without the fluff and crazies!


  2. Crazy fun and wild times. Thanks for the photos today and the song!


  3. Great fun! Thank you …


  4. The locals in NOLA Call Mardi Gras Carnival too..I would like to go just once. Great song!


  5. Song is great and the photo’s love them all…


  6. Carnival in Rio still on my to do list… 🙂


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