tradition vs. modernity

If you want, that people show respect and attention to you, then you need a traditional outfit with a so called millstone collar. My friend Akbar Simonse in The Netherlands likes to wear such a dress – and my cat Emily by my side too, if she is listening to one of my stupid guitar arrangements – then she likes to demonstrate, that she is permanently focused on classical traditions – when I’m playing modern pop shit on my electric guitar (instead of using an old Spanish guitar, built 1700).
title=”GOLDEN AGE ME” – uploaded by Akbar Simonse, (photo by Bert)- click on the portrait to enter Akbar’s galleries on Flickr
below: me and my cat Emily (also with millstone collar), sharing the same bench:

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15 responses to “tradition vs. modernity

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  2. Striking portrait and great guitar work Frizz :-)


  3. Wonderful guitar playing!


  4. the guitar snippet was just perfect for that ending! i keep forgetting to mention that the room looks so happy! i love all of the vibrant colors, and the great art!!! z


  5. Thanks Frizz- it look cumbersome :)


  6. Amy

    Listening our guitar playing is always treat weather it’s in the morning or evening! Thanks, Frizz! ”GOLDEN AGE ME”… :D


  7. I’ve always wondered about the name of those collars and I have been too lazy and forgetful to look it up. Now I have the answer. Thanks, Frizz.

    P.S. I like your guitar-work also.


  8. Akbar’s head looks like it’s floating in mid air! excellent photo.


  9. Wonderful portrait! I really enjoyed the morning music too. So glad I don’t have to choose, because I enjoyed them both. (If I knew where to get or make a collar like that, I would have a historical costume dinner party.)


  10. Peripatetic Eric

    Enjoyed the music along with my morning coffee, but don’t think I am a collar kind of guy!


  11. The collar – perhaps an excuse for those who can not tie a tie or bow tie… ;-)


  12. You made me smile… Your cat Emily is a lucky one, never gets bored with you :) I loved this post too. Thank you dear Frizz and dear Emily! Blessing and Happiness to you all, love, nia


  13. akbarsim

    Nowadays, the collar is smaller and the beard is longer….:-)


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