short paradox experiment

I was very amused, when I found this snapshot in my group CULTURAL BOXES (more than 80,000 photos): two fathers enjoying their kids with a bicycle ride – but another father, featuring to his kid, how it feels to ride on a horse back – of course in the opposite direction than the usual bicycle traffic in Tel Aviv – a great metaphor to escape one’s own “cultural boxes” – at least for a short time experiment…
photo by Dubi Feiner, Tel Aviv, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr

15 responses to “short paradox experiment

  1. I really liked your cultural boxes Flicker group of photos. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Amy

    Love it. Thanks for the link!


  3. Nice one Frizz! The bicyclists seem equally amused :-)


  4. The images in your group by the link are incredible Frizztext!


  5. Lovely, very well captured… :-)


  6. Well seen, fine captured
    Compliments to your Interesting blogg ideas
    Have a plesant week and nice doctors


  7. Cultural boxes? Sounds intriguing. I will check out


  8. You’ve got a box with more than 80,000 photos? Wow if this is an example we’re the lucky recipients …


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