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To save our thoughts and writings: is a typical human goal. In the sixties I wrote lyrics, in the eighties essays: for print media. No internet available. But then the times changed. In the nineties I tried to transfer my books to blogs. No I just discovered how to transport blogs back to books. Read more below …
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As a wordpress blogger you have to export your blog via tools, download the xml-file. Then go to “blogbooker” to transfer to PDF-file!
related links:
1 – Exporting your WordPress blog (support / instructions):
2 – submit an export file provided by your blog system to BlogBooker:
3 – for example my blog [only Dec 2012] transferred to PDF:
4 – someone who had lost the complete blog content:
5 – instructions in German: / anleitung-fur-wordpress-blogbooker
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29 responses to “Blog To Book

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  2. Super, dass du die Anleitung auf Englisch übersetzt hast! Ich ergänze jetzt mal meinen Beitrag mit dem Link zu deinem Beitrag hier :)

    Viele Grüsse,


  3. Reblogged this on REVOLUTIONS IN MY SPACE: A BLOG BY RITA BANERJI and commented:
    A very useful tool and a great way to preserve our blog posts in a pdf format! Thank you Dietmar!


  4. So glad to find out about the blogbooker.
    I exported my blog and important it to a new platform two years back.
    that was great. but the ability to change it to PDF is just superb :)
    thanks for the infor


  5. Amy

    You read my mind, Frizz. I have been thinking about it lately. lost all my photos some 7 years ago… Thank you so, so much, Frizz!


  6. I was just thinking about this – now I have a few less steps to search for, thanks!


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  8. Reblogged this on greywolfphoto and commented:
    It never occurred to me that I might LOSE my blog! I think this is information well worth sharing. Thank you frizztext!


  9. Oh great ! I wondered how to do that! Thanks


  10. This is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


  11. this is great, and you’re so kind to share these steps with us. i should have done this months ago, when a few of my posts vanished from the archives.
    thanks for passing this along! z


    • whoa caballo – I would not manage a single post,
      if I had to suffer under such travel conditions!
      respect, Lisa, you have good nerves!
      you need a portable hard drive for storage connected via USB, I have one for back ups


  12. Good post FT, must do this soon!


  13. When I first started blogging I wrote the blogs in word first and then transferred them to the blog so I had the original copies I started with. I guess my process was backwards! LOL!


  14. Have been meaning to back up my blog, but I had no idea how. Thanks for the links Frizz.


  15. P.S. – do you mind if I reblog this?


  16. Wow, I never thought about losing my blog. Thanks for this info!


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  18. You made a nice point… I started to write on walls or on everywhere where I found a pencil… :) I was a little child. Then papers took place instead of my father’s book pages or my mother’s magazine pages… Then I had my first journal… a lovely notebook… I can’t believe, I can write all my story now :) You inspired me. Thank you, with my love, nia


    • hi Nia, you inspired me with “Then I started to write on walls or everywhere whenever I found a pencil…” – when I was aged 8, I scratched on hundred houses my name in my hometown, because my parents went to another city hundred miles away. When I had my first car, aged 18, I came back to my old hometown, and still found some of the old initials on the walls!


  19. Your book is interesting I should write a book like you


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