Animals Strolling Around

Last week I read in the blog of Lisa Brunetti, that there are often goats strolling around in her garden. She talked angrily about “number-one garden pest”. I replied: “imagine: better than strolling elephants or bears!” She answered: “I certainly wouldn’t dash outside and start chasing bears or elephants!” Anyhow, it seems animals like to stroll around if they only can. I was very surprised about a horse opening all doors of a stable, watch (if time) the following video: clever Houdini horse “…all it takes is a little perseverance and some big teeth!” (to start strolling around …)
Plan Nord
title=”Plan Nord” – photo by Rock Arsenault, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr
clever horse, helping friends too:

animals strolling around in supermarkets:
“Desert Elephants” – photo by [P]hotogr[AV]

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16 responses to “Animals Strolling Around

  1. ha ha ha we may not be making money but we do have fun Fritz


  2. wolfgangfoto

    one of my cats could open doors by jumping on the door handle
    unfortunetly i did not make a shot of this event
    now the cat is dead, a car was to fast

    here is another cats shot

    playing cats


    • your galloping cats made me smile, Wolfgang!
      playing cats


      • die Geschichte mit der Katze und dem Türgriff ist rührend, auch traurig ihr Tod, gefährlich wie vor Troja bei euch! Die oben galoppierenden (English: galloping! da vertu ich mich immer mit umgekehrter verdoppelung von l und p) Katzen sind mal wieder bestes Sinnbild von Lebensgenuss. Ich galoppier nicht mehr viel: nächste Woche krieg ich ein 24 Stunden EKG. Dann kommt bestimmt raus, dass ich nachts arbeite! Es ist 4.00 a.m.


  3. that is one smart, beautiful equine!
    the vegetation is now growing so fast, the goats will probably not stray so far for another six months!
    great post!


  4. That horse is uncontainable and what fun!


  5. The horse didn’t open the first, maybe it didn’t like this horse… 😉


  6. Love the horse video. He’s so clever. 🙂


  7. hahaha Good for the horse, I would also try to get my freedom and stroll around.


  8. Wonderful. A horse with a mind of his own, of course!


  9. That’s a smart horse! Reminds me of a dog we used to have. She always found a way to get out of the dog run no matter how many kinds of latches we used. She never ran away, though. She was a good and loyal dog. When she got out, we would find her waiting for us by the back door when we came home from work.
    Now, we have lots of animals, mostly deer, strolling around our yard.


    • we have lots of animals, mostly deer, strolling around our yard = old mc donald had a farm / animals farm?


      • I grew up on a farm, but now I live in the mountains surrounded by lots and lots of trees. Deer and other animals are part of nature here. We get deer strolling around our yard daily, raccoons (one broke into our house one night), porcupine (which was trying to get into our shed), occasionally wild turkeys (they are very noisy), etc. There are all the different birds that visit our feeders, squirrels that come begging for food, hawks that prey on the smaller birds. Then there are the neighbors cats that come to our yard every day, eyeing the birds. Right now, as I look out the window, there are at least 30 birds at and around our feeders, and more perched in the trees waiting for their turn.


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