Symbols Of Resistance

Castles are a good point for permanent resistance. Some castles have been an important symbol for liberation, the introduction of democracy. For example the Hambach Castle, Germany. 1832 the people made their protests vs. the oppression of the Bavarian government. I know some of the architects who had the job, to bring such a symbol “up to date” for modern tourism – without disturbing the old flair.
das kleine schloss ist renoviert
title=”das kleine schloss ist renoviert” by Roland Hauck / rolohauck, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr
1 –
2 –
3 – video, featuring the architect Max Dudler: (.mp4)
4 – Simone Boldrin: MAX DUDLER (book)

below 3 photos by Dong Whan LEE, click on the pictures
to enter his galleries on Flickr

YouTube video introducing the Italian architect Simone Boldrin:


14 responses to “Symbols Of Resistance

  1. Almost looks like a pool at the top, but that would be too, too modern.:-)


  2. A must visit -the new annex to this site is gorgeous, impressive in its own right yet not competing with the stateliness of the castle- will definitely look into more of Dudler’s work…


    • thanks, ideflex, your comment shows, that I didn’t fail describing the efforts of the architects – I had some discussions with some of them – they won with this project several prizes for architecture now in Germany – even a special stamp was presented by the post …
      greetings by Frizz, Berlin


  3. My home is my castle
    But friends are welcome


  4. A clever photo, I have no idea how to make something distant like the castle in focus and not the background


  5. There are many signals at (the often very beautiful) buildings such as castles – both good and bad signals – the danish right-wing nationalists work on to make Denmark turn into such a castle with fear as moat – that’s bad – but the castles are great buildings, my favorite is “Schloß Gottorf” (Schleswig) perhaps the reason is that I used a bigger part of the childhood playing in the park with my friends…😉


    • yes one of my favorite philosophers, Ernst Bloch: “The Principle Of Hope” – he said: now we do not need any castles no more – destroy them all! On the other hand, one of my most viewed (115,000) photos is the Eltz Castle:
      fairytale castle, more than 100.000 views


  6. I lived in a Bad Kissingen, Germany in the early 1970s. There was a castle in the town. It was run-down, maybe having been bombed in some long ago war.
    I went there once for a picnic inside the castle walls. We played frisbee. Then, in a bit, the frisbee sailed out one of the windows and we had to go out and chase it down the hill.
    Thank you for bringing back that memory with your wonderful photos!


  7. Ein wunderschönes Bild eines beeindruckenden Schlosses.. ganz sicher einen Ausflug wert – das merke ich mir mal vor!

    Viele Wochenendgrüße zu dir:)


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