Inauguration 2 for Obama

Now we’ll have the second inauguration of Obama, just read the latest discussions via blacks see high expectations for Obama – very often I wish, he could have changed more, maybe he will in the future – what do you think?
Big Wave to OBAMA!
title=”Big Wave to OBAMA!” by gcquinn / Geoff Quinn, California, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr
photo below: from my digital restaurant gallery project:
Obama ART
photos from inauguration 2009


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14 responses to “Inauguration 2 for Obama

  1. Clearly the best of them – there was to choose between… 😉


  2. good luck for him

    a lot of great american presidents were killed in the past and now the fight with the gun lobby will be a hot thing for obama


  3. Amy

    For more changes…politicians (I won’t name them here) need to change and people need to change. I’m happy with the change Obama has made with the power he has.


  4. I really hope he does well and makes a big difference.


  5. I believe he had to walk on egg shells his first term because he was the first black President. He will be more forceful now because the people have chosen him again.He has learned a lot of lessons. He had a tough time with no cooperation from Congress, but the Dow Jones was 700 and we were in a severe depression four years ago. Now it is back to 1,300. Building of houses is up, banks are doing better. Recovery and finding jobs is slow but it is happening.


  6. I like President Obama and believe he was the best choice. I do wish, though, that all politicians, republican and democrat, would but aside party biases and personal gain and think about the big picture – the country, it’s people, and the future.


  7. Hi Fritz!!!
    I am very hopeful — in reality Obama has done much against strong opposition. Inspired by you, I dusted off my old blog and had some thoughts you might like to see!


  8. Love that first shot. I am hopeful too, but he does have rather a lot riding on his shoulders poor man!


  9. also great: the guitar player James Taylor,
    performing for the ceremony:


  10. Hail to the Chief. Love the photos. 😉


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