Cuba changed laws

Some laws are changing actually in Cuba. So I hope, that now more of their inspiring lifestyle fragments will reach other countries. This week I discovered the work of the photographer Vincenzo Tosini, enjoy his 3 photos below, click on the pictures to enter his galleries on

1 – car lover
2 – musicians
3 – ocean addicted
all 3 photos (above) sent by Vincenzo Tosini to my group BLOG IT!
below: once I tried to shoot some Cuban dancers – but they have been too fast for my slow European camera …
4 – too fast
Cuban Dance Bar
title=”Cuban Dance Bar” – photo by Frizztext, on Flickr

11 responses to “Cuba changed laws

  1. I so want to visit Cuba and these great shots are so good! But then I wonder about the reality of living for so long under the particular regime which has contributed to the “charm” of this time warp which perhaps Cuban’s might, in the near future, question as not having been so bad after all . . .


  2. Wonderful photos; thanks for introducing us to this photographer.


  3. I love this shots
    Special the powerful dancer shot

    There is a lot of snow outside of my window and i have a great desire to feel the heat of this island


  4. Amazing to think that the car in the top picture still runs!


  5. I really like the movement in the dance shot, its so vibrant.


  6. I have always wanted to visit ! Great photos :)


  7. My favourite is the one of the dancers.


  8. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    What great photos! Really great :)

    I love the green car aside the ocean, and the dancers. Much joy, is dancing. You captured it.


  9. and I love Cuban music: Buena Vista Social Club and Afrocubism. Both excellent albums that I highly recommend.


  10. Oh .. I hope they start allowing people to go to Cuba from the U. S. I’ve always wanted to go. I imagine it’s a l ot like Puerto Rico with many old, old cars. Themusic is the same. A lot of rythym and movement.


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