Obama and the gun laws

How to stop series of massacres? By gun control laws? Obama tries his very best, but the gun lobby maybe is strong enough to block a real change of minds…
New York
New York
New York
New York
Several times I’ve introduced the photographer Manuel Romaris; he took this shot of the famous sculpture near the United Nations Headquarters in Manhattan too; click on the picture to enter his galleries on flickr.com!
my comment, published by the New York Times:
it’s necessary to change the mind of a whole nation – not easy – we took some centuries in old Europe for that …
my comment for the New York times: “It’s necessary to change the minds of a whole nation – not easy! It took some centuries for us in old Europe …!


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23 responses to “Obama and the gun laws

  1. Love this sculpture


  2. Change is necessary, otherwise it in pure Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday and Joe Dalton – believe that Obama can go the way – it’s tme for change…


    • Wyatt Earp – yes, I enjoyed to hear those old sheriff stories too – but nothing for modern cities …


      • Exactly – it’s romanticism each year are caused to a large number of americans are killed each year – the feeling of romanticism by firearms – makes it too easy that it ends up in murder – and Rifle Syndicate are good lobbyists – ..statistics speak for themselves – in relation to population – in Europe, Switzerland and Finland the most liberal handling of firearms and absolute European record in firearms murders – but far from the US statistics…


  3. I am proud of Obama for taking a stand. If not now, when?


  4. I don’t agree with Obama on this. Guns are not the problem, how can they be? It’s people who are the problem, the ones with the intention to kill. A gun doesn’t decide anything. I could find a book and beat someone’s brains out, but no one would ban books for that.


    • well, there are different kind of books for to knock down someone:
      big small
      maybe we do not need any automatic war weapons – and a limited quantity of ammunition, also a focus on the danger of mental illness?
      photo by jelens / Helena, Barcelona – click on the picture to enter her galleries on flickr
      – compare


      • another example, photo by myself, featuring one of my books about clinical psychiatry – and a little dictionary:
        mother + baby book


      • HA! That big one would definitely work! 😛 And no, maybe there isn’t a need for automatic war weapons yet, but then again, military guns aren’t sold on the market for just anyone. Many “assault” rifles are semi-automatic and are just as dangerous as a hunting rifle. They are just made to look like an assault weapon. To me, I think it’s just the government trying to get involved into too much. The only reason I would see a need for an automatic gun is if our government became tyrannical or a dictatorship (something it’s looking suspiciously like recently) and we needed to refresh. Our government turning on its citizens is definitely a real possibility and I would like to be able to have a weapon to keep it from doing that. It’s happened in the past with many other countries. 🙂


        • maybe the US are opening too much wars – so that it seems to be a daily usual thing, to kill someone?
          photo below by Kenny Shackleford, days of Vietnam, Korea etc.
          F - 86 Sabre Chris Craft
          kind of absurdity, that Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize – and on the other hand is the biggest user of modern Predator drones ever …


  5. Whereas I whole-heartedly support President Obama and his mission to regulate guns in this country, everyone, including the President, is fooling themselves thinking that this Congress will take the appropriate action to DO THE RIGHT THING. It’s shameful that so many people in the US die from gun violence every year — shootings are poised to replace car accidents as the number 1 cause of death in this country. But an intensely divided Congress that can barely agree on extending unemployment benefits to millions without rancorous debate, political maneuvering and partisan bickering certainly won’t be able to agree on gun regulation. And the result will be that hundreds, probably thousands, of Americans will die this year alone at the hands of idiots with guns.


  6. Amy

    First of all, the assault rifles need to be banned. They are not made for self- defense!


  7. Seems like a no brainer to me. Can’t understand the debate at all. And the argument concerning mental health being the primary cause of killings seems weak.
    A very very dear friend who was suffering from depression, shot himself a few years ago with one of several guns he owned. He belonged to a small community in India that is exempt from gun licensing! Easy access to guns cannot be good for anyone.


  8. There MUST be change and urgently.


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