Animals want to visit a supermarket

Working for my daily Photography Media News I discovered again a new project of Agan Harahap: He featured animals walking through supermarkets like human beings do. I think you would be surprised to meet there a deer or a rabbit, a zebra or even a tiger. I never saw those animals buying in a supermarket – only a dog and a cat, fixed at home – but in their eyes I could read the wish: take us with you into the supermarket – let’s sniff some fish or meat!
title=”Honeymooners” by Frizztext, click on the picture to enter my galleries on Flickr
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15 responses to “Animals want to visit a supermarket

  1. some beautiful shots , so elegant in their new backdrops. Animals are great, II know the dog is waiting for someone to come home – not sure the cat is.


  2. Next they will be clipping coupons…yes, they would love to go to the market.


  3. Amy

    Love your shot! Adorable :)


  4. I love this one! Wonderful. :-) Thanks for posting.


  5. Thankfully there are still some innocent beings who don’t have to buy! Free to them! :-)
    I remember you wonderful “Honeymooners”. Some images just stay with you!


  6. Yeah and animal fitness centers too
    so went the dog there to exercise itself… ;-)


  7. Dogs really like to just be where their people are.


  8. Nice idea
    Well done by Agan
    But I
    Love your snap shot more


  9. ha ha! i once saw a show on TV where a person’s pet penguin went to the fish market for them wearing a back pack… It made me want a penguin.


  10. i love the photo, made me smile, so cute :)


  11. Many cities in California are pet friendly. Most pet stores allow you to bring in your pets. Every time I go get dog food, I take my dog. He loves it! He picks out his own special treat.


  12. The gallery of photos is great – amazing how it’s the birds that look the most comfortable- love the bunny in the lettuce like a Beatrix potter illustration…


  13. That would be some kind of world, I would make my pet do all my shopping for me lol


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