Racism in European stadiums

Don’t be surprised about my photo (my cat watching soccer [European football] on our home TV screen) – I’ll talk about racism in FIFA stadiums. Boateng, a player from Ghana, now in the Milan team of Silvio Berlusconi, recently left the field during the game, because the audience didn’t stop acts of racism vs. him. So FIFA considered to punish him (he wasn’t allowed to make a protest, leaving the game) – but his response was, FIFA should better search for effective punishments vs. racism. More: read the very interesting article at http://keepingscore.blogs.time.com/2013/01/05/is-fifa-facing-a-player-revolt-against-racism/?xid=newsletter-europe-weekly
photo by Frizztext – maybe you have a link to a better related photo, featuring some soccer stars – or some far right fans?
portrait of Boateng: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mutsufotografia/5095231265/
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8 responses to “Racism in European stadiums

  1. Why the hell should FIFA punish him??? That’s like saying “if you’re being bullied and you react, we’ll punish you not them” FIFA is out of order


  2. lisalday111711

    FIFA must make a stand to put an end to this archaic intolerance by supporting their players…..if any of them had any balls they would have all walked off the playing field and FIFA should have banned that fan for life….not to strong at all….Its 2013….the world is full of beautiful people of all colors…lets all think about growing up.


  3. With a certain Mr Blatter in charge – nothing is going to change!


  4. FIFA (football). IHF (handball), UCI (cycling), IOC (Olympic) and many other associations is so infiltrated by hypocrisy, corruption, nepotism, greedy for power and other deadly sins that the half could be enough – sorry to say it but these kind of associations often sucks… 😉


  5. I’m no football fan, but I do love your pic. 🙂


  6. Boateng is ok
    FIFA go out
    And primitive people outside of the field also
    But forever


  7. I Love this picture with the watching cat


  8. Sadly, we live in a world where this type of behavior is growing not diminishing… and many people just don’t bother to speak out because it doesn’t affect them directly… I see the pattern again and again. When the subject or racism arises, people just keep quiet. TRAGIC!


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