To jump is an expression of pure JOY. When I found – working for my daily photography media news – the galleries of the British photographer Lauren Randolph – titled “JUMPOLOGY” – I remembered that Saturday morning, when I lay down on earth, trying to shoot by this juxtaposition that young girl skating high reaching the sky – at least it seemed like that via my point of view …
skateboard girl
title=”skateboard girl” by Frizztext, click on the picture to enter my galleries on Flickr

“This girl should be proud to have such a picture of her…” (by Lionswood);

“U know sum gurls look good wen they sk8” (by FlyBoy);

“love ‘action’ shots, poetry in motion, the arms out for balance and free flowing hair…” (by John);

“At home in the air like a California-girl: What a terrific action-shot!” (by Will Wilson, San Francisco);

“I love the action / portrait combo, and especially the pink hue running down her arm” (by chtyson);

“I hope she never forgets how capable she is and that she flies forever!” (by Patti Kuche);

“I’ve been overwhelmed more than once by the amazing growth of kids this age. They just pick something and go for it. Kinda like photographers.” (by Nantucket Tie Chic)




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15 responses to “Jumpography

  1. What a catch! Brilliant!


  2. I admire this young people


  3. Wow. Gorgeous. What speed did you shoot this?


    • hi Patricia,
      the Exif data:
      Camera Panasonic DMC-FZ50
      Exposure 0.001 sec (1/800)
      Aperture f/8.0
      Focal Length 29.6 mm
      ISO Speed 100
      the createspace community
      seems to be a good publishing platform?


  4. Beautiful shot, It’s not easy to take like that photo.


  5. Beautiful shot. How many did you have to take to get this one? Well worth the effort.


  6. A brilliant capture Frizz!


  7. fantastic concentration!


  8. Great point of view. Awesome shot. :-)


  9. Sea Play Photography

    Nice shot!


  10. great jump and skill :)


  11. Determination at its finest!


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