good morning guitar

Always after breakfast I like to sit on the bench in our kitchen to play one little fingerstyle arrangement on my e-guitar. Please support my perseverance making some comments – so I maybe have the courage to continue daily …
portrait (as well as the videos): friendly shot by my wife Barbara …
video (I hope there are no technical problems to listen; if, tell me):

comments by wordpress blogger, book author and musician Bumba / Stephen Baum, I’m just reading his book UP IN THE BRONX (a book with a blues CD):
1 – Freight Train: Very good. You did a beautiful job with this one. I always loved this tune, the way it goes from the C to the E.
2 – Ain’t She Sweet: I always liked that song. That ragtime stuff (if I’m using the right terminology) is so wonderful.
3 – E-major-blues: A moving rendition – except for your cat, whom I suspect is a poster. I watched carefully. Not one whisker moved.
my reply to Bumba / Stephen Baum: Maria, Madelaine, the weather descriptions, the Jewish language – I’m now behind chapter XXX – and I like your book very much, Steve. Because we had Jewish friends in Queens and they introduced us the whole Big Apple. Your book makes this month alive again, the most interesting month of our whole life!
P.S.: thank you for your comments to three of my guitar short videos – will upload now every Sunday morning a review like this (my goal, don’t know, if my motivation will overcome)
ranking of my flickr videos, tagged “good-morning”, organized daily by dopiaza

my plan: every Sunday I’ll introduce some of the songs I played the week before – I hope that will not be boring …
some comments by my flickr audience:
[CurlyTop2013] I would love listening to that everyday. A wonderful way to start the day. Thanks for giving me the url. I enjoyed it this morning.

[sisolo] Good morning! It is such a pleasure of hearing you playing!!!

[greyreb] Dolores + I, said, ” Bravo ” !! Encore, encore !!!! You play awesomely !! Thank you for sharing !!

[simeon_barkas] The cat is paralyzed by your skills!

[colorfulexpressions] just love hearing you play! meow meow meow!

[maistora] Plugging the electric, for a change? Cool! I also love that colourful wall!

[xiaomeisun] Good to see you in person.

[sheesen] what a wonderful music.

etc. – I hope, it is not only politeness …
compare four other guitars I liked to play on:

or an outdoor video:

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39 responses to “good morning guitar

  1. Glad you’re enjoying the book!


    • And keep playing of course. Why do you call it an e-guitar?


    • Which conditions are creating our identity – parallel to the chromosomes? The city we are living in, our jobs, friends, the chosen lifestyle, the typical weather conditions, the music maybe too? The author Stephen Baum, Jewish, raised in the Bronx, New York. His novel “UP IN THE BRONX” for sure had some autobiographical inspirations. The writer studied in Jerusalem, later he came back to the U.S. (California). We can discover similar changes watching the life of his novel’s main character Jack. The first part is a wonderful description of the Bronx neighborhood, New York in the seventies: the rich, the poor, the criminals, the typical jobs and love affairs, the weather all over the year – congenial to the fate, suffered by the main characters: Jack, Maria, Madelaine, Herbert etc. – I often had a flashback to other novels I already read: by John dos Passos (Manhattan Transfer) or Henry Miller (the Sexus, Nexus, Plexus trilogy). In part two Stephen Baum gives a short description of Israel (and then California, L.A.) twenty years later, in the nineties. I’m a German follower of the author’s daily blog too. Living in another country with another history. But creating an own identity we both know the same procedure: to get some distance to the neighborhood, maybe the whole nation, at least the religion, developing some sarcasm and self-reliance. I’m not Jewish (but have Jewish friends nevertheless who escaped the Third Reich in New York), but I understand the goal, to be free, not fixed in the horizon of one nation or religion. Both we have the same passion, Stephen Baum and me: Blues music. A new step, leaving a cultural box for both of us. A human being is able to create an own personal identity if he has enough courage. Parallel to his book the author produced a blues CD with lyrics congenial to his book. Actually my favorite audio tracks!


  2. A good idea +
    Practice makes the master


  3. Excellent…look forward to hearing more.


  4. I really enjoyed them! Thank you!


  5. don’t you DARE stop playing!!! loved this post!!! z


  6. looking forward to your next set 🙂


  7. not boring at all! I really enjoyed all three and love your expressions while you play too. keep up the great work!! I look forward to hearing more.


  8. Great morning with Frizz guitar… really love it… 🙂
    Can’t wait your next video… !!


  9. enjoyed the vids frizz… more.. more.. more


  10. A nice set of videos! Really enjoyed your playing.


  11. Excellent idea!!!!!!


  12. Keep going, I’m enjoying your posts. The music is wonderful.


  13. Nice and laid back Sunday morning listening, ft. Keep it up. I enjoyed. 🙂


  14. Lovely tunes – my favorite was the first – Freight Train – such a happy sound 🙂


  15. Well, one thing I found out is that your post doesn’t load completely on the iPad version of WP…. Love the photo with the two cats echoing each other and great color/composition! Will have to listen to you on the big machine…


  16. Well Done! Enjoyed your riffs with my morning coffee!


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  18. I love them Frizz, you look like you’re enjoying yourself too. In fact in Ain’t she sweet you very nearly did it!
    SMILE !!!


  19. Good with afternoon tea as well. 😉


  20. Fantastic man – keep it up!! What a joy to be able to do that every day after breakfast. I play, but only have chance once in a blue moon at the moment…


  21. Amy

    What a wonderful Sunday treat! Thank you so, so much, Frizz!


  22. Looks like your finger is healing. Wonderful to hear your music.


  23. Enjoyed all – “Ain’t She Sweet,” so cheery.
    Quite a collection of guitars. 🙂


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  25. Michelle

    I hope you eat Breakfast everyday!!! =)

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Oh ain’t she sweet,
    Well see her walking down that street.
    Yes I ask you very confidentially
    ain’t she sweet?
    Oh ain’t she nice,
    Well look her over once or twice.
    Yes I ask you very confidentially:
    Just cast an eye
    In her direction.
    Oh me oh my,
    Ain’t that perfection?

    Oh I repeat
    Well don’t you think that’s kind of neat?
    Yes I ask you very confidentially:
    Ain’t she sweet?
    I ask you very confidentially:
    Ain’t she sweet?


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