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Always after breakfast I like to sit on the bench in our kitchen to play one little fingerstyle arrangement on my e-guitar. Please support my perseverance making some comments – so I maybe have the courage to continue daily …
portrait (as well as the videos): friendly shot by my wife Barbara …
video (I hope there are no technical problems to listen; if, tell me):

comments by wordpress blogger, book author and musician Bumba / Stephen Baum, I’m just reading his book UP IN THE BRONX (a book with a blues CD):
1 – Freight Train: Very good. You did a beautiful job with this one. I always loved this tune, the way it goes from the C to the E.
2 – Ain’t She Sweet: I always liked that song. That ragtime stuff (if I’m using the right terminology) is so wonderful.
3 – E-major-blues: A moving rendition – except for your cat, whom I suspect is a poster. I watched carefully. Not one whisker moved.
my reply to Bumba / Stephen Baum: Maria, Madelaine, the weather descriptions, the Jewish language – I’m now behind chapter XXX – and I like your book very much, Steve. Because we had Jewish friends in Queens and they introduced us the whole Big Apple. Your book makes this month alive again, the most interesting month of our whole life!
P.S.: thank you for your comments to three of my guitar short videos – will upload now every Sunday morning a review like this (my goal, don’t know, if my motivation will overcome)
ranking of my flickr videos, tagged “good-morning”, organized daily by dopiaza

my plan: every Sunday I’ll introduce some of the songs I played the week before – I hope that will not be boring …
some comments by my flickr audience:
[CurlyTop2013] I would love listening to that everyday. A wonderful way to start the day. Thanks for giving me the url. I enjoyed it this morning.

[sisolo] Good morning! It is such a pleasure of hearing you playing!!!

[greyreb] Dolores + I, said, ” Bravo ” !! Encore, encore !!!! You play awesomely !! Thank you for sharing !!

[simeon_barkas] The cat is paralyzed by your skills!

[colorfulexpressions] just love hearing you play! meow meow meow!

[maistora] Plugging the electric, for a change? Cool! I also love that colourful wall!

[xiaomeisun] Good to see you in person.

[sheesen] what a wonderful music.

etc. – I hope, it is not only politeness …
compare four other guitars I liked to play on:

or an outdoor video:

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