Orchestra Communities

I once wrote about the https://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/2012/07/16/som-sabadell-flashmob/ in Spain performing Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”. An orchestra is a community, a strong community, maybe even with morality, with a certain readiness to take social responsibility. My friend Akbar Simonse introduced the orchestra of his Dutch hometown The Hague / Den Haag, The Netherlands, supporting a street musician:
Chuck Deely en het residentie Orkest:Rocking In The Free World
title=”Chuck Deely en het residentie Orkest: Rocking In The Free World” – photo by Akbar Simonse, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr
reading the article http://blog.chasejarvis.com/blog/2013/01/top-6-orchestra-flashmobs-acts-of-robust-hit-and-run-culture-in-public-spaces/ I also fell in love with the orchestra in Copenhagen, playing in an underground / subway / metro:

flashmob classic music-links:
1 – metro copenhagen

2 – street spain

3 – central station vienna etc.

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20 responses to “Orchestra Communities

  1. flashmob classic music-links zum weiterleiten:
    1 – musik in der metro copenhagen

    2 – musik, marktplatz in spanien

    3 – musik, wien, bahnhof etc.


  2. Look at all those smiling faces! Wonderful, huh?

    Love the idea of orchestra as a morality.

    Completely enjoyable post. :-)


    • yes Jamie, orchestra as a morality – many could, if they would! on the other hand, playing alone like the old masters of blues guitar has a hidden message too (like many book authors): it is important to do one’s own matter – with some self reliance, not waiting weakly for the help of others …



  3. A surprising idea,
    Makes me happy and brings a smileon my face


  4. I LOVE flashmobs because everyone ends up happy and smiling! What a brilliant idea to play in a subway!


  5. More music in the subways NOW…. :-) ;-)


  6. …and all the world a stage……think how peaceful our world would be if this happened more often across the globe..Peace might be instilled before my time is done. Just so beautiful


  7. my guitar fingerpicking of the day:



  8. I think flash mobs are great. It takes a lot to perform in front of many people and hope that they do not get upset. These passengers look quite pleased to have the musicians playing. I would, too. Lovely song … great post.


  9. It was a wonderful happening….:-)


  10. Absolutely spectacular!


  11. Amy

    Thank you, Frizz!


  12. I love it! Look at all those happy, smiling faces ;) thanks!


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