Who or what is innocent? A goose maybe, walking through white snow, nothing dirty to discover. So I nearly had religious feelings, when I saw the picture below [though my inner devil shouted: Grab and eat them!]:
title=”Ganzen” [geese] – photo shot by Stewie1980 / Lars, Netherlands, click on the image to enter his galleries on Flickr [friendly sent to my group BLOG IT! ]
oh do you remember this video?
Los Angeles – Toulouse Goose Maria: I was so surprised, when she started to fly following the red motor-bike of the human friend curving through the street traffic!


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26 responses to “Innocent

  1. Eat them? But they look so lovely! What a curious story about the goose Maria. I am wondering why that behavior if he never gave her food?


  2. What an amazing goose. I loved the way Maria “growled” at the large dog.


  3. Gosh, the little geese are so cute! :-) Have y very HAPPY weekend! :-)


  4. beautiful photo! We have a local park that has quite a flock of geese living at it. I’ve only caught them in the snow once (no amazing photos from that) but I do have one image I am fond of –


  5. What a striking photo, Frizz.


  6. Amy

    I remember, enjoyed watching it again. Thanks, Frizz!


  7. Love the photo, and thanks for reminding me about the video. It’s always worth watching again. :)


  8. The geese are precious. I think the white on white make them saintly. BUT – please don’t eat they are too adorable. ~~~~ : – O


  9. Oh, I remember the story of the man and Maria [who, by the way, turned to be Mario[!] – male!] :-)


  10. That is the sweetest story of the man and Maria the Goose. I am reposting this on my blog….its just too cute


  11. Wonder – is “The Famours Goose” from Canada innocent..? ;-)


  12. Oh no they are much too cute to eat!


  13. wonderful goose photo and a really entrancing story about maria!


  14. Love your goose shot
    They are waiting that something happens


  15. Good to acknowledge your inner devil :)
    I love the youtube! Incredible connection between those two.


  16. they are really cute and haha…love the devil thought you had. oh dear! :)


  17. I just really like that photograph. Maybe it’s the white on white, or perhaps the novelty, I don’t know, but it’s humorous and draws me in. Thanks for sharing.


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