Violins And Violinists

I like string instruments. Daily I’m fingerpicking on my guitar. But I put my hat off, if I notice some violinists. I made some street shots (the Irish Ms. Kelly below), adore the portraits shot by Giancarlo Rado in Italy (the second pic below) – but a God on the violin I believe is: David Garret – a medley of his project “Rock Symphonies” also below (youtube, open air concert in Berlin, Waldbühne)
Mrs. KELLYItalians
click on the pictures to enter the flickr galleries of frizztext (the Irish Mrs. Kelly) or of Giancarlo Rado (the classical Italian violinist’s portrait)

David Garrett EPK “Rock Symphonies – Open Air Live”


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24 responses to “Violins And Violinists

  1. Frizz, one of my dreams is to learn to play the violin and I decided to do it this year. I’m looking for a violin teacher since the past week. A friend of mine recommended me to talk to a violinist the past weekend. This violinist made a good impression on me when he told me that he gave violin classes for free during 5 years in a classroom borrowed to him by the government with 75 students, and they sometimes made performances in a borrowed theater for free but unfortunately, due to the change of government administration, he doesn’t have the government support anymore, so he actually doesn’t teach because he doesn’t have a place to do it. What a waste of knowledge and good intentions! :(


  2. Love violins, though can’t play one. My brother always wanted to but he refuses to learn because they say to master it you have to start as a child and he’s too big of a perfectionist to do it unless he can be perfect.

    Have never heard of David Garrett but after watching this am going to go look for him on youtube – thanks :D


  3. Speaking women and violins so Anne-Sophie Mutter
    – you have your own (german) superstar (and good-looking too)… :-)


  4. Speaking about violins, Vannessa Mae live is great
    – really enjoyed it several times… :-)


    • hi ledrakenoir / N. in Denmark, as usually I must read, as I wanted to follow the Vanessa Mae video: “Unfortunately, this EMI-music-content is not available in Germany because GEMA has not granted the respective music publishing rights.” And then black. I cancelled my youtube account, very sad. Sometimes I upload at now, me, after breakfast, in my kitchen:

      Freight Train

      I hope you have no technical problems to listen to my guitar fingerpicking – sorry, that I do not look like Vanessa Mae…


  5. Great stuff – if Garrett’s brilliant music doesn’t bring in a younger audience his sex appeal will…


  6. Well, I enjoy playing my guitar, but sadly don’t find the time anymore to do it daily. Thank you for following my blog.


  7. I’m sure you could learn violin!


  8. Dramatic and impressive…wow!


  9. I love violin- just looked for him on iTunes- thank you!!!


  10. I saw this lady in styria – austria

    the girl with the violin


  11. likeeeeeeeeee…………….


  12. Went from Giancarlo, to Mrs. Kelly, to Barbara. Awesome! :-)


  13. Excellent!


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