Paris – an urban ocean

Once we’ve been in Paris and recently I scanned some of the old dia positive films I shot there, for example timeless clocks – but I fear my message became too out off fashion in the meantime. However extremely “up to date”, what I read about Paris via designtaxi (An-Inflatable-Trampoline-Bridge) or via inspirefirst (featuring erotic fragments). For sure a real timeless artwork seems to be the composition below by Vin, sent to my group BLOG IT:
Good Morning Paris!
title=”Good Morning Paris!” – photo by Vin60, click on the picture, to enter his galleries on Flickr; Vin comments himself: “The advantages of a hotel room at the 29th floor… (the cheap side: on the other side the view is on the Eiffel!)”
Another great shot of Vin, for sure not Paris, but another kind of ocean, Cappadocia:
title=”ballooning” – photo by Vin60, click on the picture, to enter his galleries on Flickr
P.S.: not to forget: the first balloon flight was in Paris, wikipedia writes: “…the brothers Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier … gave their first public demonstration of their invention on June 4, 1783…”
my reply to Vin’s comment (read below):
thank you Vin, for giving permission to introduce your extraordinary photos in my blog; I never would dare to join a balloon ride – I only like to rest on my bench in my kitchen, playing a little fingerstyle arrangement on my guitar, dreaming I would fly in a balloon – so let’s call my piece in A major “BALLOON FLIGHT”:


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