Coming Through

It’s a great wild life shot, isn’t it? And we could take the message as a metaphor: of course we would like to come through like the bison herd too. Once I saw a movie and learned, how hard the winter is in that region, the Yellowstone National Park – not easy to survive there!
“Coming Through”
title=“Coming Through” – photo by petechar = Prof. Charles (Chuck) Peterson, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr

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11 responses to “Coming Through

  1. Chuck Peterson

    Thank you for including my photo on your site.


  2. What a powerfull shot


  3. Beautiful shot! I am going to Yellowstone in June and am sure I will never come across this many bisons. I’d probably run first before they come charging in force or en masse.


  4. I got to come up close and personal with the Bison herd on Catalina Island in California. I have many great shots of them and even though one Bull was quite the problem at the ranch where I kept my horse for the most part they were aloof….”you stay over there and I will just stay over here” kind of thing. I missed rutting season however which is probably a good thing since I tend to take chances around them. I would be happy to share my photos of them anytime. This however far out does any of mine….this is a breath taking shot.


  5. I was only there once, and not in winter thankfully, but there was still a cool chill going on. Beautiful, nonetheless
    Stunning photo.


  6. “…when human occurs in herds
    so there is often a negative element in their behavior…”
    in football / soccer-stadiums, mobbing groups, wars – the animal seem to take it only for pure self defense …


  7. Human could learn much from these bison or mustang herds – when human occurs in herds so there is often a negative element in their behavior…

    A great picture… ;-)


  8. Great picture – I wouldn’t want to be facing them alone ;-)
    Have a HAPPY Sunday :-)


  9. A beautiful image indeed – intimidating and scary, and that perhaps add to its beauty…


  10. Fantastic, beautiful image, particularly since getting a head-on image of bison is not necessarily an easy or safe task!


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