New Year’s Fireworks

Fireworks, dancing, drinking, diving into cold water or writing (and forgetting) resolutions, – there are many rituals around the globe related to the first day of a new year, enjoy the shots below, taken by the photographers “Jiu0_0” and “*dans”:
Darling Harbor NYE Fireworks
title=”Darling Harbor NYE Fireworks” – photo by Jiu0_0, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr!
Taipei 101 fireworks usher in New Year 2013 台北101跨年煙火
title=”Taipei 101 fireworks usher in New Year 2013″ 台北101跨年煙火 – photo by *dans, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr

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20 responses to “New Year’s Fireworks

  1. Stunning snapshots! :-) Have a very HAPPY weekend :-) !


  2. Great balls of fire in these shots Frizz! No resolutions or rituals to report from my side of the tracks . . .


  3. Love these; thanks FT!


  4. These are impressive! Happy New Year.


  5. thanks for the fireworks frizz, i do love to see them, but it is a rare treat!


  6. Happy New Year!!!! Beautiful pics…I did not see many fireworks this year, but I always have many many New Year´s resolutions…Do I fulfil them? No, but somehow, I feel it is my duty…;)


    fire works in poor taste
    few days after two murders
    small town thinks gun fire
    yes, listening to New Year’s fireworks gives a
    bad flashback to all those weapons used in 2012!


  8. Joleene Naylor = busy writing every spare minute trying to get your book done = good luck!
    I can slow down – I’ve scheduled my posts till Sunday …


  9. Fantastic shots! We didn’t have fireworks this year, I’ve been busy writing every spare minute trying to get this book done (I;ve missed my deadline – eek!) Hope your New Years was great!


  10. I never make New Year’s resolutions, never – I am so stubborn that I would risk to keep them – and it would be very annoying – would not it ..? :-) ;-)

    Beautiful image… :-)


  11. Amazing firework displays. I didn’t see any this year. It was a nice, quiet New Year’s Eve. :)


  12. I love them! :-) Such fun.


  13. It make a lot of dust in the air
    But all love it
    Here is this event over my wine yard

    [ ]


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