Winter Land – Some Galleries

I like a certain dose of snow – it works psychologically like a reset button for my hectic soul. Reason to slow down everything for a while, to retreat to the stove at home. Often I ask myself, which tricks for example Valery Titievsky may have to resist those long snowy weeks in his hometown Novosibirsk, Siberia – enter his flickr galleries with a click on the picture below:
Street life
title=”Street life” by Valery Titievsky
below: some links to great winter galleries:
1 – tutsplus
2 – telegraph part 1
3 – boston bigpicture
4 – telegraph part 2
5 – guardian
6 – flickrcomments
7 – winter blues by Valerie Jardin

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8 responses to “Winter Land – Some Galleries

  1. There is a humorous danish joke about the turk who moved to Denmark for living – a year after he is visiting Turkey and they ask how it’s like to live in Denmark – he answers that there are 2 seasons in Denmark – one green and one white – the green is the worst because then de danes didn’t warm up the houses… 🙂


  2. Yay- we also just got snowed in! In quebec the saying goes that there are 10 months of snow and 2 of lousy skating… Love the photo and ledrake’s Danish joke!


  3. “I like a certain dose of snow – it works psychologically like a reset button for my hectic soul.” Couldn’t have said it better! But in Seattle, snow is a rare treat. With our steep hills, it shuts down the city, and everyone plays outside and retreats into their cozy nests for hot cocoa.


  4. I like a ceartain dose ..
    Words like a monument for me

    My shot of a winter landscape in styria

    the day after tomorrow ?


  5. just discover your blog… and i love – amazing photos…
    i’ll try to follow your


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