Some of us buy a ticket for an underwater aquarium, others are the lucky human who managed to explore the marine wildlife diving in the real underwater world. So enjoy the photo of John / “Heaven’s Gate” or my little video in the Zoo of Berlin – or click through the stunning sardine run galleries of Alexander Safonov (“related links” below)
Penguin paradise
title=”Penguin paradise” – photo by Heaven`s Gate (John), click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr

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21 responses to “Underwater

  1. I liked the guitar playing a lot. I was reminded of penguins swimming underwater. In the Bronx Zoo (and probably others too) they had a large glass tank of water and cement embankments (painted white) for the penguins. You could watch them dive and swim under the surface from a little viewing stand outside the tank. They would hop and dive, swim around, hop back up. It was greatl fun to watch.


  2. Your music is a great match for the video Frizz, a lovely post!


  3. Really enjoyed the music… 🙂


  4. My part , seen in berlin

    the girl and the shark


  5. I love the penguins. The music is great and very apt.


  6. Amy

    Beautiful guitar playing, Frizz! Love the Penguin.


  7. Wolfgang Hermann

    the old shark looks for me depressive
    and i can this understand
    i can hear the famous guitarplaying of frizztext
    he can not


  8. These photographs are so beautiful – I feel transported to another world!


  9. Love penguins – I think they secretly rule the world… your guitar interpretation came at the end of the day and was a nice way to destress – your shark does look like a submarine, doesn’t he?


  10. The video and the music are great. Always interesting posts … thank you


  11. Dear Frizz,
    These are amazing photographs, and the music is a perfect pairing.


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