Surprising, that all those things, which we have to tolerate in our jobs, are creeping completely in our private refuge too: competitions, speed, the risk to fail, even to destroy our health: nevertheless, it is fascinating on the other hand, maybe more fascinating than sitting in an armchair reading a book quietly…
Roller Derby
Roller Derby – photo originally uploaded by shirlaine – Shirlaine Forrest is a Manchester based freelance photographer specializing in music, fashion and portrait photography.
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9 responses to “Sports

  1. That roller derby shot is amazing! Love it in B&W. You can feel that these women are ready to rumble.


  2. I would be totally into this if I was (way) younger…


  3. Wolfgang Hermann

    no risk no fun


  4. B&W adds the emotion to the picture. Well done 🙂


  5. Jack Byers

    A really great atmospheric black and white shot that capures the imagination.


  6. Jack Byers

    A really great atmospheric black and white shot that captures the imagination.


  7. This is a great picture. Th black and white gives it a timeless feel. The woman is strong and muscular. Putting in the gum shield hints a vulnerability. Very powerful.


  8. Sport always give a lot of great shots – a wonderful link… 🙂


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