Story Challenge: Letter “Y”

Hi Bloggers! Do you have to share a story or a short reflection tagged with the letter “Y”? For example I’ve written about “YESTERYEARS” (read below) or YOGA, about yaks or yellow, about Yorkshire or the Yellowstone Park, about Yamaha and Yahoo, Yin and Yang, yogurt and yards, about Yucatan, Yosemite and Yendouma Ato, Yemen and yachting, yumm and yippieh, about Yi-Ching Lin or the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, about yawning or “yesterday, when your troubles seemed so far away …” etc. – I’m sure you’ll find an own story or a short reflection tagged with “Y”! Feel free to add in the comments the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “Y”!!!


I will never forget the GREEN of my very first car, 1965, a Volkswagen / beagle – he and me, we had some challenges: once we had an emergency landing in a little lake of a forest nearby – where I tried to be a good teacher for my mom, she wanted to get a driver’s licence. I warned her much too anxious not to enter a little wooden bridge with our Volkswagen in that green, green forest – and so she drove our brave car into the pool with lot of protesting frogs. When a green dressed forester and his friends pulled the car out of the water, the automobile was covered with green mud. Green water ran out of the doors. My very green day.
my timeline 1945 - 2010
yesteryears cars – photo by barbara fritze (me on top of my very first car, a Volkswagen), click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr
I was a minute UNDER the water inside the car, anxious to get drowned, the car lay on his side, door was not to open, dear mom above me behind the driver’s wheel – don’t ask me, how I got out! My mother was in panic and ran in panic barefooted 10 kilometers back home. When the forester came, he asked me: what have you done? Why driving so silly? I replied: my mother sat behind the wheel. The forester and his friends laughed loudly – they did not believe me and answered: never heard a teenager giving such an untruth! More at
“Y” Photo Archive + “Y” Challenge + “Y” Galleries + ABC visualized: Y! + Yemen + “Yesteryears”:
music with Y? Yakety Yak:

a contribution, title YOGA, sent by Steven Ford to me:

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59 responses to “Story Challenge: Letter “Y”

  1. Oh dear Frizz, this post of yours made me wistful .. and nostalgic. My heart is smiling as I listen to the music and view your ‘very green day.’ Here’s mine this week, in keeping with the Holiday Season: Y is for Yuletide Trees


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  3. Wow, that’s quite some story. 🙂 Love the photo.


  4. Allyson Mellone

    Frizz, that photo of that Beatle brings back memory of “Y”, year 1984, when Dad taught me how to drive. He loved his Beatle, a manual trans car, that was a challenge to learn for a driver’s test. I must say, that training has made me a very skilled driver. Sorry about mom’s experience. Hope she persevered and got the lisence after all that bravery 🙂


  5. Also had a Volkswagen beetle(my first car in 1969)


  6. they made a wonderful tribute to John Lennon in Liverpool with a funny YELLOW SUBMARINE sculpture – as told by ledrakenoir:


  7. Just love that “yesterday” pic of your first car
    we don’t need asking for the owner – great… 🙂 😉


  8. kz

    cool car, Frizz! ^^ just awesome. i’ll be posting my Y story in a bit…


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    • thanks for your Y-poem,
      especially for the lines
      “Yummy food, bright yellow lights;
      Adults yapping, children yawning,
      Yearn not for the past
      Rather, look yonder;
      Youth is never lost
      It’s in the heart of the beholder.”


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  11. Here is my entry for the weekly challenge:



  12. Glad that you survived to tell us about your green day 🙂 – love the photo.
    Y is for Yum!!! – cakes to come.
    Y is for You!! – and me too
    Y is for yesterday the things that we did
    Y is for yearning and things we’ll achieve.
    Y is for the yellow of bright sunflowers.
    Y is for youtube and evidence of follies
    Y is for youth innocent, fragile
    Y is for yoga ZEN!!!


  13. The idea of that VW bug dunked in the muddy, green water makes me sad. You know I love those cute little bugs. I’m glad you and mom made it out ok, though. Ahhhhh, this care reminds me so much of my yesteryears. 🙂


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  15. Hahaha It’s almost unbelievable. Does the car’s engine broke down forever?


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  17. Amy

    Cool first car of yours, Frizz! Fun yesterday story. Here is my entry:


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  19. And Y not? I will miss your story challenges, with only one letter to go – do we get an encore? Please have a look at


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  21. i loved your post! great photo and great story!
    i’ve no story this week but an assortment of y for yellow.


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  23. This is great! I love the VW bug! So cool! Here is my entry. Thanks for inspiring me while my son has been home sick with the stomach flu for five long days!


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  25. Hi Frizz!
    Difficult challenge this one…Love your pics…And here is my YELLOW…Happy colour, I have to say!


  26. Dear Frizz,
    How terrifying! I am so glad you lived to tell the tale!
    I have a story that would fit into the category “Young (and foolish)”
    I am just getting the hang of your alphabet challenge. What will you do when you get to “Z”?


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  28. Good the forester had a sense of humour 🙂
    Almost done Frizz…here is my Y:


    • hi Madhu,
      thank you for your YALI etymology: “Y is for Yali. No, not that mythical creature from Hindu mythology, but the gorgeous waterfront mansions lining the banks of the Bosphorus! Derived from the Greek Yialos meaning seashore…”


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