Eternity: that’s what we want. Maybe artists, writers, musicians (thanks to youtube) have a chance. Also photographers, even bloggers? To deconstruct some clocks, robbing the hands for minutes and hours: maybe not very effective.
fleamarket clocks
Handless Clocks – photo by frizztext, taken in Paris 1987, just converted from negative-film to a digital jpg.file, kind of re-birthing by a new dia-positive-scanner …
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About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

13 responses to “Eternity

  1. Beautiful time deconstruction, Frizz!


  2. oh!! wonderful!
    Hola amigo!


  3. There’s an old saying about not giving clocks as a gift as they remind one of our inherent mortality (the passing of time, etc.) – no problem with these clocks, no hands – great shot!


  4. So you can scanj a negative-film and it becomes a photo in jpg.file? Wow! That’s wonderful. This is a great photo, I love that blue color tone in contrast with white.


  5. Wolfgang Hermann

    well seen
    fine captured

    you are timeless my friend


  6. A marvelous photograph–rich imagery, that sets the imagination spinning like the hands of a clock.


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