Fox Lesson

This fox is happy. He caught not a goose but a red cigarette box. Happy like the human beings in the December shopping season. Bringing home something. In Germany they say a fox is “listig” = cunning, crafty, sly, astute. He doesn’t feel guilty while acting. They say he doesn’t regret anything. Like the character of Odysseus, described by Homer? I’m amused by his strategy, comparing the strategy of my cat or dog or look at the strategies of snakes, tigers, sharks, eagles – some are open, others hidden. Much to consider. Little lesson by a tiny fox, strolling through an urban jungle.
fox and cigarettes (part 2) @ urban nature Leipzig 2012
title=”fox and cigarettes” (part 2) @ urban nature Leipzig 2012 – photo by Jan Rillich, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr
I don’t have my focus on animals but on politics. I read Thoreau’s “duty of civil disobedience”. Recently I studied China’s dissident Ai Weiwei. In his latest movie trailer he talks about his 40 cats. Only one of them is able to open the door to escape daily. I would like to become such a character too, who is able to walk his own line. Not in China. Too difficult.
1 – young foxes in snow:
2 – Ai Weiwei’s cat that can open doors
3 – me about Ai Weiwei 20 months ago:
4 – Thoreau, On Civil Disobedience:
5 – twitpic:
狩られる側の気持ちがわかる画像 on Twitpic

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12 responses to “Fox Lesson

  1. “The fox has many tricks,
    the hedgehog has but one,
    but that is the best of all”
    (Ralph Waldo Emerson)…


    • do you (Emerson) meant the story of the hedgehog couple, two, one at start, the other waiting at finish, saying to the running fox: “oh, you are late, I’m already here, faster than you …”


  2. Hi, I have nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog” award! Here the link: – congrats!!


  3. Unlike the fox or cat you have opposable thumbs which is a bonus but you can still learn from them! In Russia they have taken to keeping foxes as domestic pets (Nat Geo has a great article), apparently they are very loving and loyal – we already know they are extremely intelligent!


  4. Foxes have a long literary history as being the “trickster”. The stories of Reynard the fox date back to the 12th century in France and Germany. There are similar stories in some African and Asian cultures, even in ancient Peruvian and North American native cultures.


  5. That fox should be careful…cigarettes are awfully addicting. If the fox ever wants to quit that habit; tell him to try the patch, it worked for me! 😉


  6. He’s looking for a match.


  7. the fox should kick the habit


  8. Anonymous

    Unlike humans, foxes don’t regret. They forget. As would any creature of any sense. Humans are the only ones who have evolved this capacity to think about two things at the same time. The other animals aren’t so stupid.


  9. Alice

    Well, that little stinker. Perhaps he was looking for these:


  10. What an amazing photo catch, Frizz!


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