Story Challenge: Letter “X”

Hi Bloggers! Do you have to share a story or a short reflection tagged with the letter “X”? For example I’ve written about an “Xmas Tree” (read below) or clothes sized XXL, written about X-ray or X-design, about the Xe Khong river in Laos, X-rated or the “Xmas State Of Mind” etc. – I’m sure you’ll find an own story or a short reflection tagged with “X”! Feel free to add in the comments the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “X”!!!

Xmas Tree

X = X-mas tree, glass sculpture
X? I’ve written about X-ray (a tooth is in the lungs of my wife, thrown in by a silly dentist; it’s too dangerous to pull the tooth out), I’ve written about clothes in XXL-large size – and I’ve written often about X-mas. Yearly. We had our most wonderful christmas time in Venice some years ago. Our daughter married there her Italian architect. We stood on a balcony to watch the boats down on the canale grande. We strolled through the medieval city centrum – no cars anywhere. Walking like mankind did for many centuries (before automobiles were invented). But nevertheless there was much traffic: tourists from USA, Japan, Arabia: they rented gondolas with singing Italians. Amore mio! On the great St. Marcus piazza a casino had installed a gift: a large Xmas tree – made of glass! Never I will forget the rich Arabian ladies with bodyguards (equipped with automatic weapons), taking a jewelry for their own; nearby I saw a seagull, who killed a pigeon; and what made me smile? Watching my daughter, disappearing with her fresh husband in a nice hotel…
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71 responses to “Story Challenge: Letter “X”

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  4. Hi Frizz…Wonderful pic..And wonderful contributions….I am late this time, but I hope not too much…
    Hope my pages are working better now…
    Hugs from Spain!


    • X-ray of your dog: he will survive, maybe will make a big poop some day – the tooth in the lungs of my wife will stay, thanks to the silly dentist – I hope my wife will not have a big fever again …


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  6. I just love that tree… :-)


  7. Amy

    Love the beautiful Christmas tree! Here is mine: It took me a little bit longer to compose…
    Happy weekend, Frizz!


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  10. This is a very creative tree!


  11. Amy

    Very cool, Frizz! I’m working on it…


  12. Hey FT! Just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award. You can see details at . Hope you decide to accept! Tina


  13. I saw and snapped some X images on my travels. :)


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  15. Here’s another x-related entry for you! Please have a look at


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  17. This is gorgeous!!!!


    • “Xtreme sports and generally xtreme experiences are very modern
      – some believe it’s due to a revolt against an xtreme controlled life…”
      thanks N.! sometimes it is even Xtreme risky, to draw some cartoons …
      thank you for your insider description (and link):


  18. Sorry, but my letter-post is xtreme… :-) ;-)


  19. A tooth is in the lungs?! Oh! How is that possible? It’s a very interesting X-mas tree. By the way, from where the “X” + “mas” for “Christmas” comes from? Do you know?


  20. Love your Xmas tree. Here is mine. The Xmas Wreath:



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  23. What lovely memories from the gorgeous lights of this tree!


  24. My “x” story is we named our daughter Xavora. I took her to Venice before she was married, a magical place to see. A toast to our beautiful daughters!


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  26. Xcellent photo and story… ;-)


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  28. kz

    that’s one eXceptional Xmas tree! ^^


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  30. This is a wonderful Xmas Tree, Frizz!!!!!! :-)


  31. Xcellent glass sculpture. Crazy story about the tooth. Yikes! I will think on X. X marks the spot!


  32. It’s a nice tree. Of course we celebrate Christmas.


  33. that’s a rather unique Xmas tree that is made of glass… i wonder how they would be able to store something as fragile as that after the holiday season..


  34. that a creative, colorful Christmas..:)


  35. What a beautiful picture Frizz ! I have a PERFECT X…..but its X-rated so I cannot reveal it. I will try to come up with something else as I like the challenge!


  36. Lovely tree. And story. I don’t think I have anything that starts with X, although I suppose I could Xerox something


  37. I look forward to Christmas every year…eXtra time with my family and friends.



  38. Hi Frizz! I’m in for a bit of Christmas spirit too, but with a twist. Mine is Xerox – matching outfits between me and my daughter:


    • hi Myra,
      you’ve introduced wonderful photos as a perfect illustration for
      “For in every adult there
      dwells the child that was,
      and in every child there
      lies the adult that will be.”

      ― John Connolly, The Book of Lost Things


  39. A tooth in your wife’s lung? Will it disintegrate eventually? That would make me XXtra crazy… This one (X) won’t be easy… love a challenge!


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  41. Awesome job Frizz! Love the tree :)


  42. Love the story AND the photo


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