I like a certain dose of snow – it works psychologically like a reset button for my hectic soul. Reason to slow down everything for a while, to retreat to the stove at home. Often I ask myself, which tricks for example Valery Titievsky may have to resist those long snowy weeks in his hometown Novosibirsk – enter his flickr galleries with a click on the picture below:
Street life
Duesseldorf etc.:
nomadic Nenets of northern Siberia:
boston pictures:
after all those links to snow in Russia, Britain, U.S.A. etc.:
my own actual winter shot: looking out of my window in Berlin:
Winter Avenue

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28 responses to “Snow

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  3. A lots of snow and 16 below zero!
    Greetings from Stockholm! :)


  4. Lovely photos, Frizz. I love snowy places photos, but I have never been in a place with snow, and I don’t think I would dare because I’m a “friolenta” person (It seems that this word doesn’t have a word-to-word Spanish-English translation, but in Spanish it refers to a person that generally feels cold)


  5. Well, it looks like you have your hands full but I am still sending you this Gargie Award because you have kept me so entertained and offered up so much that is new and interesting! He doesn’t bite and is housebroken…


  6. Thanks for the snow pictures. I also love it, everything quiets down and takes on the appearance of one of those old grainy silent movies. When I lived in Colorado we experienced dry snow every year, it squeaked when you walked through it.


  7. LOVE the Arsenault shot with the caribou. Great post, great comments.


  8. You’ve described the perfect amount of snow. I love a little; hate a lot. I like it best when I have nowhere to go and can look at it through my window.


  9. I too, enjoy the slowdown after a good snowstorm. Seems like we’re always in a rush. Perfect day for a cozy fireplaces, flannel loungwear and anything simmering hot on the stove. We have yet to get any snow this winter but I cannot wait!


  10. We haven’t seen it yet, but I know it’s coming. Then, break out the hot cocoa. Looking forward to seeing snow white scenes from my windows. Berlin seems very hustle bustle. Beautiful pic.


  11. It looks so cold in your neck of the woods, ft. Snow can look so pretty, but I prefer milder climes. :)


  12. snow works best in the rural where it does not impede day to day so much – Oh I forget, it’s only in the UK that we grind to a halt with a flurry


  13. Ben

    Only wet snow in Amsterdam.


  14. It looks so cold Please take care of yourself


  15. Snow certainly makes great photos, i love your Berlin shot.


  16. “I like a certain dose of snow – it works psychologically like a reset button for my hectic soul………” – agree me too… :-)

    – and then listen to some musicwhile I’m looking out… :-)


  17. Frizz, I was caught this afternoon in a white-out, up in the Colorado Rockies, and it was freezing++ and awesome in stunningly equal measures – as you so well say, a reset button for the hectic soul!


  18. Now that’s what I’ve been waiting for! Everything has gone back to brown… Great hitch-hiking picture!


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