Story Challenge: Letter “W”

Hi Bloggers! Do you have to share a story or a short reflection tagged with the letter “W”? For example I’ve written about “WATER MEMORIES” (read below) or wildlife, about wind and worries, wine and wolves, Wuppertal or Washington, about witch craft trials and wingless airplanes, about whale rescue and writers, world and word, Wim Wenders and Wernher von Braun, Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse, worms and wonders, windows and waiting, wood and waltz, winters and wars etc. – I’m sure you’ll find an own story or a short reflection tagged with “W”! Feel free to add in the comments the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “W”!!!


Each of us has experience with WATER. From baptism to (perhaps) the dispersion of his ashes in the sea. In addition to rain, ice and snow TO SWIM has always touched me deeply emotionally. Snorkel and dive in the warm waters of the Adriatic Sea from Dubrovnik. Rivers crossing as the Rhine, the Ruhr, the river Saale. In lakes and reservoirs I swam at night, or during the day – but sometimes dangerous with black, threatening thunderstorms over my head.
Tailing the unique Irrawaddy dolphins
title=”Tailing the unique Irrawaddy dolphins” by Ben Visbeek, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr
There have been frightening situations, particularly in my teenager time. I brought into dangerous situations even my girlfriend (and now wife), because I made to difficult goals – for example crossing a lake, three kilometers distance at night, water too cold (we nearly drowned). One can not master everything, although I was challenged by this. But sometimes me (and us) maybe a God graciously helped us to survive. 13 different times I myself have saved children in mortal danger from the base, 3-4 feet deep, of swimming pools, sometimes wedged together, moved them up, fetched them back in the saving air.
There have been also comfortable moments with water: to teach our own daughters diving – in the bathtub. To enjoy together with our large bobtail named Sarah, the North Sea of Holland. To watch my mother in the waters of the Baltic Sea at the coastal line of their beloved island of Ruegen. Water can be very comforting …
“W” Photo Archive + “W” Challenge + “W” Galleries + ABC visualized: W! + Water Memories
I was surprised, as I found the lake, where my wife and me nearly drowned, in the blog of Chris Breebart at – it’s the Möhnesee / Heve-Becken:

click on the picture to read the blog article of Chris Breebart

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94 responses to “Story Challenge: Letter “W”

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  2. Allan G. Smorra

    Here is my entry for this week’s challenge:

    Thanks, Frizz.


  3. Wow – 13 times! You are a water warrior – back in the morning with an entry.


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  5. Hi there, Frizz, I’ve never learned how to swim but I love the water and the sea and the sound of the waves – nothing quite like it. 🙂 My contribution this week also is connected to water! Here it is:


    • “My day is done, and I am like a boat drawn on the beach,
      listening to the dance-music of the tide in the evening.”
      ― Rabindranath Tagore, Stray Birds
      yes, it would be wonderful, if we could end all our days near the water, celebrating a kind of a meditation ritual …


  6. Alice

    Well, I love wind and walks–and have written of wildfires and wheeee. How about WORMS?


    • good, that we do not live forever – the planet became narrow too soon – a wonderful solution: YOU, bumba / Steve will stay forever in our minds with your book and blues music!


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  8. kz

    love the water too! ^^ this time though i decided to go in a different direction. W is for Woman ^^


  9. So glad your experiences were positive as well!


  10. Without water, no life – so water both give and take lives – as borned on a little tiny island, we learned that water is everywhere – love water, even drink it (sometimes)… ‘hahaha’


  11. Hi Frizz,
    I am glad that you lived to tell the tale. Some scary close calls! Here is a link to a little story–W is for (Sun) Worship! Thank you for a new challenge.


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  13. Here is my entry for the challenge: Window Displays



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  15. “Water Warrior” – I like that name!

    You certainly were in the right place at the right time to have saved so many people.

    Here’s my contribution to W.. a few boring watercolors!


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  17. beautiful image of people paddling, nature and marine life….wish I was there
    I want to share Washington views:

    and view everyone else’s cool pics 🙂


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  19. Thanks for inspiring me today. I decided to partake in your challenge! FIrst time! Here it is:


  20. You’ve done well with the alphabets… Finally making the rounds again. Will return. 🙂


    • thank you, Eliz, for converting again a simple photographer’s topic [changing seasons] into a psychological level: a biography has some “seasons” too, beside my own, I can’t forget some of your “seasons”:
      1 – as a child lost on a long African beach (right?)
      2 – the last evening of departure from U.K. headed to U.S. (there was an accident, right?)
      3 – your experiences in Manhattan Alvin Ailey (?) ballet ? Sade stage performances etc. …


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  22. Anonymous

    Frizz, one word can be used to define your relation to water: bittersweet; bitter due to the dangerous situations but you have also very sweet memories related to water. So maybe everything have its good and not so good side. This is my post with W (wings of butterflies I found in Foz de Iguazu, Brazil)


  23. I love the first shot! Dude. Totally awesome picture. MUY Awesome. Thanks for posting.


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  25. Suzanne

    I’ve only just discovered your challenges. Here’s a post about water
    and another tagged with W words that you might enjoy
    I hope this is what you are looking for. Your blog looks interesting and I’m now following it.


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  28. I love the water and especially going to the beach, but am a little afraid of it (cant swim too well!). Here’s my entry for the week:


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  30. I am a water person and the first letter that came to mind was Water as well. But then I decided to write a poem instead. Love your pic. Here’s the link for my “W” challenge.


  31. My part to water

    [ ]

    Herzl wolfgang


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    I have some problems with photos and spacing, hope to get it sorted out but here is W for woody Woodpecker


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  35. laura@eljaygee

    an aquatic theme with an important crossing


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  37. I do not always have a story to tell but this just came to my mind earlier today and immediately I knew I would like to share it.
    please correct me if my translating skills need a bit of polishing. 🙂


    • hi Rosa,
      thank you for your wheat poem – in German language!
      Der Bauer baut mit Müh und Not
      das Korn für unser täglich Brot.
      Zum Müller wird das Korn gebracht
      und feines Mehl daraus gemacht.
      Der Bäcker nimmt das Mehl ins Haus
      und bäckt im Ofen Brot daraus.
      Die Mutter streicht noch Butter drauf,
      und wir? Wir essen alles auf.

      my heart is touched:
      my father was a baker!


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  40. Amy

    Love your water memories! I apologize… I found some photos, but no stories…


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  42. Good thing you survived!


  43. Hi frizztext, It has been a rough week. Sorry I am late with posting my “W”. I enjoyed your Water memories very much. I like being out on the water too.
    Here is my “W” for the Challenge:


  44. We Wager Wood Would Want Water When Waves Wash Wonderfully –
    perfect WWWWWWWWWW!


    Hi Frizz! Thank you for the idea for a blog 🙂 Here is my “w” challenge. I’m still figuring out this blog thing. I see my pingback registered but no note from me!


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  47. Glad you survived and have so many happy memories Frizz 🙂
    As you can see I am in a race to complete my A-Z challenges in the next three days! Couldn’t leave a comment on your V post for some reason!
    Here is my W entry:


  48. thank you Madhu,
    for introducing a W = WADI!


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