Subway Impressions

We spent some weeks in New York and used the subway daily. Once my wife was bleeding after she hurt herself falling on the boardwalk; I didn’t know how to help her, but a woman sitting next to my wife in the subway to Queens helped her vs. the bleeding very perfectly; then the woman told us, she had just escaped from the war in Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia, Europe; New York always had a big heart and said welcome to so many refugees!
On The Q
title=”On The Q” by RR’s Snap Shop (Russ Rowland), click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr
dancing in the train:
New York, history of photography, black and white gallery:
I’ve been impressed by subways too (New York + Berlin), but never made such a great composition like Russ Rowland with those birds outside the window!
4 photos below by frizztext:
public transfer moodNight Train
yellow tubeurban impressions

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27 responses to “Subway Impressions

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  3. advocacine

    I love the surreal like quality of the first photo…reminded me at once of Alfred Hitchcock’s film…haha! Thanks by the way for visiting my blog on Changing Seasons / the Philippine lemon flower.


  4. I’m not fully comfortable taking pictures of people on the subway… Do you ask or sneak a pix?


  5. That is an amazing photo! I know others have also commented…I like your photo with the yellow train too.
    Glad you had a good experience while you visited!


  6. Just love the first one! Wow


  7. Don’t you just love that big beating heart of NY!


  8. morning in the subway
    sad morning way


  9. Funny how we do not see what is going on outside our windows.


  10. I think the shot of the birds outside the subway window is brilliant.


  11. Love the free birds and the trapped commuters…fabulous capture :-D


  12. The birds caught my eye immediately. Amazing shot! I worry, too about taking shots of people. I can’t help wondering if they would be bothered by the invasion, of sorts, and the posting without permission. Although the news channels do it all the time. :-).


  13. Like the Black Twig I get nervous about taking photos of people – even more so in confined spaces. In yours with the laptop guy it doesn’t look like they would notice.


  14. Wonderful post. I’m just thinking whether the passengers don’t mind their photos taken. I’m also fascinated by subway/train scenes but I’m afraid to snap photos.


  15. :) Lovely post! Couldn’t help smiling, reading your experience…


  16. Russ Rowland’s picture is amazing, but yours are great too, Frizz. I love the one looking into the yellow train through the window.


  17. I am glad you had a good experience on the NY subway. It is one of the highlights of visiting and/or living in New York City– it’s like a movie come to life!


  18. I love the expressions captured. I can practically hear the hum of the tracks.


  19. I’ve seen some very ‘interesting’ looking people on the NY subways. :)


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