sudden eye-contact

sometimes someone in the crowd looks back and wins the staring contest with humor or self-confidence
The Face of Hong Kong #24
title=”The Face of Hong Kong #24″ – photo by Rupert Procter, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr; I’ve introduced Rupert Procter, working in Hong Kong, already at
It's full...
title=”It’s full…” – photo by manganite, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr
continuously searching for a “photo of the day” I like to get inspired by good series, my last three favorites:

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18 responses to “sudden eye-contact

  1. Love the subway shot!


  2. Great shot, you can just hear what she is thinking…


  3. Wonderful photos. I never would have thought to take the picture of someone staring. Great idea! Thank you for sharing 😉


  4. Wolfgang Hermann

    wonderful shots
    produce great stories in the brain

    my example:


  5. very good idea….brilliant work…especially the first picture 🙂


  6. Love them and the telegraph photos are superb!


  7. Great shot… 🙂

    For me eye contact means a lot
    – the eyes always the first I look for – even if it’s a beautiful girl… 😉


  8. Can’t get to your comments box for the fashion post for some reason – what a great post, this will keep me busy for awhile….


  9. That IS a great idea…most of us aren’t bold enough to go ahead and take the picture when someone is staring at us…



    Hey Frizz- I LOVE eye contact!!! (sometimes) Thanks for the Flicker add- I just wish I could figure out the RSS link for my other blog,,…hmmmmm


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