Landmarks Of Photography

there are landmarks in the history of photography …

To write a book about that naked, escaping girl (name: Kim Phuc, *1963) – during a napalm bombing of a village (Trang Bang) – was quite reasonable. Indeed, the photograph by the then 22-year old photographer Huynh Cong “Nick” Ut for Associated Press, made in June 1972, motivated critics all over the world. The global publication of the inhumane use of napalm unsettled Washington chains of command, leaving the Vietnam activities stumble. Denise Chong wrote down Kim’s (Phan Thi Kim Phuc) bio AFTER that photo – featuring a great character and engaged political activist. I wonder, how long it will take, till mankind will learn not to organize any further wars …
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3 responses to “Landmarks Of Photography

  1. I read the book; “The Girl In The Photo”. Quite the story. She made it to Canada and became a nurse. An iconic image to be sure.


  2. I can remember being horrified by that picture when it was published – it was a huge topic of discussion in our “social studies” classes and sparked an incredible number of questions (mainly why?) for our teacher who was hard pressed to answer…


  3. I remember me on this shocking picture but i am surprised also because in my mind it was a color shot .
    :-(( wolfgang


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