Story Challenge: Letter “R”

Hi Bloggers! Do you have to share a story or a short reflection tagged with the letter “R”? For example I’ve written about some RIVER memories (read below), about Russia or Rome, Robin Hood or Robinson Crusoe, about how to resist or how to retreat, how to roar and how to rest, about Rio de Janeiro or Rembrandt, about rainy days or rough racism, Route 66 and the Rolling Stones, James Rizzi or Renzo Piano, religion and rust, Condoleezza Rice or Rocky Raccoon, about revolvers and restaurants, riots and revolutions etc. – I’m sure you’ll find an own story or a short reflection tagged with “R”! Feel free to add in the comments the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “R”!!!

River Story

Some years we lived in a house down by the riverside. Every evening I made a little trip with my canoe. Once I noticed two ears looking out of the water. It was a just born calf fighting to survive. I stopped my journey and climbed (the calf on my back) up to the dry land. Mother cow stood there completely confused …
Georgetown, ME
Georgetown, Maine (an island community located in midcoast Maine near Bath): I do not have a photo of my life rescue action in the Ruhr river, Germany, but Barry Lubman kindly gave the permission to me, to feature his photo from a yellow house at the Kennebec River, near Bath (and the 5 islands restaurant) – click on the picture, to enter Barry Lubman’s flickr gallery.
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62 responses to “Story Challenge: Letter “R”

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  2. Hi Frizz, our Featured Photographer in GatheringBooks has chosen the theme: R is for Rivers, Oceans, and other Bodies of Water. Here is the link:

    I enjoyed your river story. Would have wanted to know what was going on in Mother Cow’s mind. 🙂


  3. Hi Frizz,
    The photo is so striking, and it is a very beautiful story. I wonder if you have ever heard Bill Staines song called “River.” It is one of my favorites.
    I do have a short story called “Reflections” at this link:


  4. Lovely story, and the photo is wonderful. 🙂


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  6. What a stunning photo! The colours, both soft and bold, are so pleasantly restful. The poor little calf, but what a happy ending!


  7. Living riverside is fun, I think.


  8. Wolfgang Hermann

    some persons have a Reduced sight

    reduced view


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  11. Here is my entry on railroad tracks.



  12. A nobel thing to save a helpless animal. I’m sure the mother cow was very happy to have her calf safe. Lovely story, Frizz.
    I have found something that will fit the challenge. The pix’s were for myself so they aren’t great but I wanted to add something here. Hope you enjoy,


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  14. You are a brave rescuer.
    Did the river provide for good fishing?

    Here is my entry:


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  17. Hi Frizz! I would love to live by the riverside. Great photo. I nominated you for the “Beautiful Blogger Award”. Visit my site to pick up your award
    Kind greetings,


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    I do not always have the inspiration to write something, but R for Return came through loud and clear


  21. One of mine. “R” is for Racism.


  22. And one more: “R” is for Reflection. After a long, hot summer September becomes a time for reflection.


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  25. Absolutely love this river shot Frizz. Didn’t you post a painting you had done similar to this, sometime back?
    Here is my take:


  26. Rickshaw photo by Rita Banerji, Calcutta:
    three friends


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  28. That’s an amazing story Frizz! I’m sure Mother Cow must be grateful to you! I remember your painting too of the picture. Here’s my entry..


    • your truck photo with cows on the Chennai to Bangalore Highway moves my heart … sometimes I feel deported like this by surrounding social conditions …
      [P.S.: As a first step: I quit my job so that I could start working toward really important things …]


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