Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

FOREIGN: quiet church on the isle of Santorini, Greece
at home I have neither an ocean nor an effective social christian engagement, our cats cannot leave the house (the car traffic is too dangerous) – so it seems: that’s a paradise there; after a while we noticed: no vets available for the many donkeys, dogs & cats – and only two tiny toilets with an endless long queue in the airport for thousand passengers; a little rich Mafia seemed to take the incoming money for themselves – not for the comfort of the many tourists; often seen there: an oversized aircraft carrier making his patrol nearly noiseless between all those cruise ships: surreal and for sure not a paradise; I’ll stay at home in the future…
photo taken by frizztext; for more click on the picture to visit my flickr photo stream … related: Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

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40 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

  1. One of the finest photos in your collection. That blue is unbelievable.


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  3. Loved Santorini. That shade of blue is so beautiful. 🙂


  4. It’s beautiful! I have that exact picture from the other side but it was drizzling a bit! I can’t wait to go back!


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  11. Beautiful blue shot – about Santorini one could only say a wonderful island – with my danish eyes the island lost a lot of the powerness in my eye – because danish ultra right wings policians have made it their favorite greek island and bought houses down there – but so there’s other greek islands… ‘hahaha’


    • indeed, it’s a problem in many countries with those right wing idiots – Breivik is the top of hate-ideology but there are many levels coming near …
      once we were in FOREIGN Denmark, we ate onions with fried sausage, tomato ketchup + mayonnaise in a little baguette – what is the Danish name for it? we’ll never forget that great taste!


  12. Beautiful photo but it sounds as if Santorini has become a victim of its own success.


  13. Great photo. My word the blue of the dome against the blue of the sea and sky is so powerful.


  14. Paradise-like surfaces can have a depressing undercoating . . . admit it is one of the reasons we have avoided those resorts in Mexico, feeling that it would just support the organized drug trade (would explain why they are so much safer than some of the more “natural” city and village settings in the country. A shame, because there is so much beauty and culture and history in Mexico to explore. Hopefully, some day. ~ Kat


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  16. This is such a beautiful photograph, Frizz. Always soothes the eye and the spirit, hope to visit Santorini too in the future.


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  18. Your picture is so “alive”. Thanks for the like today. Too bad you can’t go inside. Just beautiful and vibrant.


  19. Denise Mackenzie

    Such beautiful blue on blue.


  20. Yes, my favorite city… Love, love the whitewashed buildings… 🙂 Happy weekend!


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  22. I’ve never been but your photo can transport one there.


  23. Yes, the airport could be better and the donkeys seem a bit poorly looked after, but you can’t deny the gorgeousness of the landscape 🙂 Your photo is witness to that!


  24. I want to go to there.


  25. Aww this photo is so cute! The colour blue is gorgeous in it. JUst makes it so alive!


  26. Santorini! One of my favorite foreign places!


  27. Wonderful Greek architecture.


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  33. Yes, Santorini is enchanting, yet it turned into a tourist attraction in a disturbing way……


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