Riding two horses

St. James Infirmary LOOP: I bought an e-guitar and played a solo over my old acoustic guitar chord progress … so now you can hear me two times in the same track: first fingerpicking on my acoustic guitar, then secondly me, flying with my new e-guitar searching for a second melody: I felt some triumph like a bird, using those new “LOOP”-technologies! I hope you like it!
Trojan Horses
the LOOP-technology = playback, two times me riding my horse on the same track!

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15 responses to “Riding two horses

  1. Beautiful, Frizz! The loop works really well!
    [Great sound BTW] :-)


  2. Amy

    Wonderful! Wonderful treat for Saturday morning. Thank you, Frizz!


  3. Very nice. I’m listening to the Georgia right now – which is my favorite – of yours and in general. You really got that one right.


  4. Super work! Listened to them all – love the loop, and Georgia on my mind and Blues in E also favorites, but all excellent!


  5. I just can’t get enough of those St. James Infirmary blues.
    Nice entry anf GREAT playing, too.


  6. Frizz,
    I just recorded St. James Infirmary, singing most all of the lyrics that I could remember. Hoping to paste it into this comment. Actually, it’s a different version (now that I look at it) but I’m going to send it anyway. It’s a different song, it just is titled the same St. James Inf…. Doc Watson did it like this. st james infirmary [audio http://bumbastories.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/stfamesinf10712.mp3%5D


  7. This is an interesting template… I like the other one better though. ;-)


  8. I really like the loop, Frizz! Beautiful!


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