Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

HAPPY: All my life I have been inspired by the happiness of musicians …
1waldemar parra + kai heumann2Andrey Shilov - Musician
3Bernard Harris + Joe Robinson4Michael-with-Nina-Nyembwe
1 – Waldemar Parra and Kai Heumann
2 – Andrey Shilov with my wife’s Cappuccino
3 – Bernard Harris + Joe Robinson
4 – Michael Hügel and Nina Nyembwe
photos taken by frizztext; for more click on the pictures
to visit my flickr photo stream …
weekly-photo-challenge: HAPPY

About frizztext

websites: 1 - my wordpress blog "flickrcomments" at FLICKRCOMMENTS, 2 - my photos at frizztext, 3 - my guitar exercises fingerstyle_guitar, 4 - my twitter on twitter

28 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

  1. aljaja

    Ich habe deinen Blog für “Liebster Blog Award” nominiert. ☺ check out: http://aljaja.wordpress.com/2012/10/12/aljaja-nominated-for-liebster-blog-award/


  2. Is it the happiness of the musician or the music itself that brings the happiness? :-) I don’t think there’s a clear line of demarcation between the two with someone who truly loves music. ~ Kat


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  4. Your music makes us happy!


    • thanks for the compliment – and I’m always happy watching the HAPPY DAY version in the SISTER ACT movie: featuring how the shy little boy gets courageous during the performance :-)


      • ideflex

        Thanks for my smile of the day! I like the part where all of a sudden the music “grips” them and it gets rythmically natural!


  5. Hank you for visiting and following my blog. I hope you enjoy reading my posts. I really enjoy your site, and especially like the ‘Happy” photos above :-)


  6. Joy in your b&w photographs. Great happys.


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  8. No surprise there :-). Lucky you, to have the talent. And lucky us.


  9. can not imagine my life with out music. I am so blessed not to be hearing impaired


  10. This is lovely, Frizz. Music makes me very very happy too. :)


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  12. Lovely, lovely job! :-)


  13. Music can always put a smile on my face so I think it should go along with HAPPY. Great choice.


  14. Nice smiles. Music is important for better life.


  15. What would the world be without music? :)


  16. Music is a Happy medium for a lot of people, but I can see music is your Happiness! Great photos of Happy Frizz!!! ;)


  17. With you 100% on this one Frizz!


  18. Great interpretation of “Happy”, Frizz!!


  19. Nina Nyembwe have really a wonderful voice… :-)


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