Playing Guitar With Feelings

I just got a mail from a soundcloud user: “Your playing is lovely, of course, and I’m wondering if you have any exercises you particularly like or find useful? I think your playing stands out because of “feeling,” which as far as I know can’t really be taught. Modesty aside, I think I have feeling, but I do need to work on some fundamentals. Any help you could offer would be appreciated…”
Mississippi Delta Frizz (Selfportrait)
Frizz-reply: as I tried for example with Sometimes I feel like a motherless child: I like to have in my repertoire songs, which are related to my biography: I had no mother: she put me directly after birth into an orphanage. Gospel music helped me to get out of some emotional valleys. Then came the blues. It’s important to allow your mind to feel sad – better than to ignore; so blues helped me a lot to accept my own life line. Then I met some Gypsy swing guitarists: I was electrified by the rhythm. Then I had some friends: a Spanish Flamenco guitarist (Cristina Rico), a British singer of ballads (Jim Richardson), a classical guitarist from Ukraine (Andrey Shilow), a German Gypsy swing enthusiast (Kai Heumann), a Belgian Banjo player (Catou), a polish rock guitarist (Janusz Zielinski). The last one, 30 years younger than me but already dead, he told me: focus on the melody, never play chords; you can forget the rhythm, allow yourself to hesitate: but never forget the melody line! I noticed, that all musicians put their instrument in the middle of their life, the guitar was a basic structure of their life style, of their communication patterns …

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11 responses to “Playing Guitar With Feelings

  1. I had an adopted Indian Grandmother, Vi Hilbert, who was a traditional storyteller and keeper of her culture. She used to tell me, “Our stories tell us who we are.” I find that to be true of the stories I tell–whether they are personal stories or traditional folk tales, I tell them because they resonate with me. Folk songs were the first stories that I shared aloud, and I learned them by heart. I can tell that it is that way with you. You are a very talented musician, Frizz, who plays straight from the heart, and whose songs tell us who you are.





  3. my favourite: Rodrigo’s aranjuez


  4. I love to hear your music at my streesful job because it makes me feel suddenly relaxed. Thank you.


  5. Alice

    And fingers too–heehee. But the feelings do come through for sure.


  6. Beautiful music always from you…


  7. Terrific post and music. True for creative writing as well.


  8. Glad you found music to help!


  9. Stupendo Bianco e Nero!!!!
    …your wife???


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