21 responses to “Sometimes I feel

  1. My first “encounter” with this song was by Van Morrison and it made me cry.
    Beautifully played, Frizz.
    To answer your question: silence.


  2. Wolfgang Hermann

    in times of troubles my way to find out is to hear blues music- it would be better to play self an instrument like a guitar but i am not good enough to have the desired effect

    music can bring us in another  world


  3. To be able to enjoy the amazing views from the highest beautiful peaks – one must make run through the darkest valleys with the steepest slopes – that’s my philosophy – that above all else the sun shines, but sometimes you can not see it for the clouds – but the sun is shining yet… 🙂


  4. I have yet to find a way to climb out of an emotional valley. Time has proven, over and over, that time itself makes the appropriate adjustments. But I am too slow a learner. I worry and fret, and for what? But I’m not giving up. It’ll come to me. :-).
    Great guitar as always, Frizz.


  5. laura@eljaygee

    Bide my time, listen to Leonard Cohen, blues, jazz, and clean the kitchin. thoroughly. Never fully succeed but rely on the old maxim ‘ everything passes, everything changes’


  6. Whenever I get tied up emotionally I like to work outside in the garden. It’s very calming…so is writing. Music is invaluable.


  7. Yes…Sometimes I feel I am deep, deep into a hole…And sometimes I need to pity myself…In those moments, I like to listening to music like the one you just played, drinking a glass of red wine, and may be cry alone…And then, almost always, something stupid happens that make me smile..I think it was Tagore who said that if one cries because can not see the sun the tears will not allow to see the stars…And I believe in the sun, in the stars, and in life..
    And in a good hug just on time!!!


  8. veraersilia

    Your quote reminds me of Rilke when he said he’d rather keep his devils if in getting rid of them he would have to also lose his angels.


  9. Love your music, ft. It certainly soothes the savage breast. 🙂


  10. Sometimes, when I feel blue about my past life, I tend to my orchids. I listen to classical music because the great masters often had difficult lives which influenced their music and write my stories about my heartaches. Your blues music gives me that same feeling. You play with emotion. It is why I like the way you way.
    Great post, Frizz. You always give us something to think about.


  11. Amy

    I agree with Isadora that you always give us something to think about. To get out of an emotional valley, I take a walk, listen to music, or read, no talking…


  12. This is a really good post, Frizz, and makes me think. I lost my dad when I was eight and my mom when I was 33, and still sometimes feel motherless. When I do, I have books and music and gardening, and storytelling. But really, the best way to get over that feeling is to be the best mother I can to my own children.


  13. That is touching… we all have our bluesy days… 🙂


  14. Ah, yes…emotional valleys. I am all too familiar with this. It depends on the situation and how traumatic or long standing the cause of the emotional valley is/was. The important thing is to let the emotion happen because emotions are natural. Here is what’s in my toolbox – it’s good to have many tools to choose from depending on the situation:


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