Ain’t she sweet

our friend Catou (right side) and her cat Zoel (left on sofa), photo taken by my wife Barbara in a bourgeois living room in Bruxelles

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writer, photographer, guitarist

9 responses to “Ain’t she sweet

  1. Great interpretation of the song
    An interior to well feeling
    A lovely aragement
    Music makes happy ( or sad)


  2. I did a happy tap dance with you! Trompie did not think I was very funny!


  3. A gentle soothing tune… ;-_


  4. Definitely sweet.


  5. Ah, yes she is! [and so are you two performing!]


  6. Really cool!!! Loved the music!… And the room…
    Zoel (it was Zoel?) seemed a bit stressed!! 😉
    Thanks for the music, Frizz!


  7. I did a tap dance to this, too, when I was a young dance teacher. I suppose it has to do with the up tempo. I could have listened to more. Fun …!!!!


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