Preikestolen: a diminishing glass

If you have climbed up to the top of the pulpit rock, the “Preikestolen” in Norway near Stavanger, then you maybe will feel like one of the ancient Greek Gods on the Mount Olympus: Looking down to the human beings like ants: tiny, far away with their goals and efforts. Feeling like looking through a diminishing glass. No more oppressed by daily life troubles …
title=”Preikestolen” by VVincze, Budapest, Hungary
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(I introduced there 4 pictures of the Preikestolen)
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camping on Preikestolen

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27 responses to “Preikestolen: a diminishing glass

  1. Hey! I climbed this mountain last May! Stunning view, unnerving heights…



  2. Been there more than one time – it’s an amazing place… 😉


  3. actually I need a diminishing glass
    because a finger of my left hand
    is irreparable hurt: so I can’t
    play guitar anymore …
    my arthritic hands
    cannot play guitar anymore …
    end of the line
    like a final sentence …


      the meaning of “All efforts for the cat”
      (German =) “Alles für die Katz'”
      is: all my trials are for nothing,
      have no effect
      (as a teacher maybe often thinks)
      I played many years guitar –
      now one finger on my left hand
      isn’t flexible anymore:
      Alles für die Katz –
      I have to cancel a stage performance
      in a Folk Club in Brussels
      at the end of the month …
      Alles für die Katz = All in vain…
      no further uploads at
      sorry for that …


  4. Dear Frizz,
    I am sorry to hear your finger isn’t working and you can’t play the guitar.
    The photograph is beautiful and I am sure it will receive 1200+ more hits.
    I am sorry for the loss of your new music.
    Ruth in Pittsburgh


  5. Incredible. What a view.


  6. What a beautiful view. I didn’t even feel dizzy. 🙂


  7. It’s a great mountain. In the past, that place may have been ice.


  8. Frizz you are an inspiration to me and so I have given you the ” Very Inspiring Blogger Award”. It was given to me and I am passing it on to those that inspire me also. Thank you for leaving me such great stuff to check out all the time.


  9. This is very sad news about your finger! I hope something can be done to make it better again. I loved to listen to your playing. Really hope it will get better


  10. I would thrilled to be there. I’d be scared, but still excited.


  11. Breathtaking view!

    Sorry to read about your finger. No more guitar playing? “Irreparable” sounds permanent. Is the inability to play guitar permanent?
    Hmmm…I think it would be good to produce a songbook of your renditions…of the tunes that flew off your fingers and onto the guitar…for posterity.


  12. I can feel the air in this photo and how it makes one feel like such a spot of dust… Sorry to hear about your finger, my first thought was of Django Reinhardt also – if it is tendon or cartilage related, try Cissus Quadrangularis (in powder form caplets from the health food store) for joint relief.


  13. What a spectacular view!

    Sorry to hear about your finger Frizz. I hope you find some treatment to reverse the damage. The human body is capable of more miracles than one can imagine 🙂


  14. Hi Frizz,
    This photo is breathtaking! I am glad to hear that your finger might heal. It would be a terrible thing for such a fine musician not to be able to play. Still, it is good that you have many other talents, such as writing and photography, to express yourself.


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