My Singing Cat

[beg your pardon, the recording session failed, because I forgot to install the special microphone sensible for catpurr-frequenz] – but below you can WATCH my cat Emily shouting with all her power “THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN” – she really likes to perform SOUL MUSIC!
My Singing Cat
comment by Will Wilson, San Francisco: “You need to get her a little set of headphones…” comment by “The Lady of Shalot”: “When her first album? What next? A duet with Cat Stephens?” – yet another famous cat musician: Nora the piano playing cat – “CATcerto. ENTIRE PERFORMANCE. Mindaugas Piecaitis, Nora The Piano Cat”:


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35 responses to “My Singing Cat

  1. that was awesome!!!


  2. Very cute, love the way the cat is rubbing her face on the piano. Say hi to your cat, next time she will give a purrr


  3. Lovely
    Is it real ?
    Compliments to all


    • “Is it real?” – dear Wolfgang: similar to the content of all big religions we shouldn’t make not too often reality checks – it is important to BELIEVE if you want to feel good …


  4. I enjoyed a lot. It’s very interesting.


  5. I love that shot of you with your cat giving her all!


  6. I love her audience!


  7. …I expected to hear a meow in your lovely interpretation!!!!
    That catcerto was wonderful. She is really into it, isn’t she?!


  8. Silken Photography

    So adorable!


  9. Fabulous post … it is wonderful from beginning to end.


  10. I like the House of the Rising Sun, and your rendition. Do you compose your own renditions?
    Hopefully we will hear Emily’s voice accompany your guitar playing.


  11. That was an amazing performance 😆 The adoring cat audience is too cute !


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