9/11 the clash of religions

“A religion, which makes humans dark, is wrong…” Immanuel Kant (1724-1804)

Immanuel Kant contributed greatly to the philo...

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“It is the greatest incumbency of a philosopher and becomes most seldom found anyway to be consistently …” Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) wrote. If one connects this with his remark: “A religion, which makes humans dark, is wrong…” – then one has to brood, how consistent people have to behave versus a gloomy religious opinion. Since “September Eleven” one asks not only how to react versus the Islamistic fundamentalism, but also how to act against expensive Christian crusade reflexes…” Kant behaved with pleasure quite rationally vs. common religiousness: “Metaphysics is a dark ocean without shores or lighthouse, strewn with many a philosophic wreck.” Kant trusted instead in the strength of an effective democratic law system, trusted in a moral point of view, inherent to every human being. But looking actually to Syria, it seems that there will be no end to the continuous clash of religions, finishing in military massacres…
Nine Eleven changed: politics and emotions, magazine essays and small talks, military budgets and death toll stats. Changed the level of angst and aggression. Result: less multiculturalism, more hate. Who will put an end to the clash of civilizations and religions, to the clash between educated reason and religious enthusiasm?

sometimes I think, it would be better,
to paint or make photos or play guitar …

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13 responses to “9/11 the clash of religions

  1. Most of the religions have persons who turn dark reading them… 😉

    My theory is that dark people use religion to strengthen their pessimism and black view more than that religion exploits people – it’s the same with political ideologies – so I keep myself away from both religious and political parties… 😉


    • To prevent misunderstandings so do I mean by “dark people” dark minded people and nothing else… 😉


      • the “dark minded” should be in a prison or in a hospital – we had the problem with Breivik in Norway – we have to avoid, to let them be leaders into the next war or clash of religions, racism, anti-multiculturalism etc…. – for sure in every country we can find those individuals or groups [much too much also in Germany] …


        • It is a paradox that the more freedom we as humans have – the more vulnerable and unprotected are we to mass hysteria – which often is a consequence of both politics and religion – it’s sad because I know a lot of people who think either politics or religion honestly and do not see any problems that people use religion as a motivation to lift themselves up – I just will not be forced into something no matter what it is … 😉

          The big problem (in my eyes) in relation to terrorism is that we and also the authorities ‘schooled’ in spotting it differs from the normal – but what is normal today and if terrorists acting normally seen with preconceived notions so they will not be spotted … ;-/


  2. “…sometimes I think, it would be better, to paint or make photos or play guitar …”
    how very true, and maybe if everyone did, there would be fewer dark-minded people.


  3. that was such a tragedy


  4. This is a very poignant write and I totally agree. I am a Christian, albeit a “true” follower of Jesus Christ, unaffected by politics and murdering in the name of religion. My personal story is a personal one and He changed my life completely. I share as people ask. I know one can argue about the Bible and religion until the day is done and the philosophical arguments are rampant. But I just inject this about my own faith so no one lumps me in with a common held unbelief about Christians today, even when Christians do more charity, education, relief work, and healthcare for the poor aboundingly more and quietly so than any other faith. But Christianity occurs truly in the “heart” and cannot be forced upon anyone. You cannot legislate religion, nor can you slaughter people in the name of it. Everyone knows in their heart this is wrong. Ask the mothers of suicide bombers. No one can tell me they haven’t feel grief and terror saying good-bye to their sons.
    Governments need to allow religious freedom so long as it doesn’t force or murder or turn dark in any way. What a modern tragedy this is! A global, modern Crusade that is dark beyond human imagination.
    I appreciate your post which points to this.
    And thank you for remembering this modern tradegy done to my country. And my prayers are for Syria today.


    • hallo Alexandria,
      thank you for
      “… nor can you slaughter people in the name of it. Everyone knows in their heart this is wrong. Ask the mothers of suicide bombers…”


  5. A sea…
    of water…
    of birds,
    and of memories…


  6. True religion brings LIGHT, always LIGHT!~


  7. There is such a repository of learned thought and wisdom in this world, and yet the few dark souls wreak such havoc! And for what???
    You photo is evocative of the horror of that day Frizz


  8. I don’t think a religion makes humans dark. The problem is the way people misunderstand or misinterpret religion.


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