Steel And Wood: FrizzGuitarRag

Like a magnet all my life guitars called me, to test their sound: a fascinating clash of wood vs. steel. Listen for example to my self composed primitive fingerpicking FrizzGuitarRag: I hope it sounds like an old Ragtime Blues …- and thanks to Vlado in London for the macro photo!
Gulliver studies: Ropes and things
“Gulliver studies: Ropes and things” – photo by maistora / Vladimir Dimitroff
actually I’m trying to learn a better fingerstyle picking on my acoustic guitar,
listen to my ongoing SOUNDCLOUD.COM/FRIZZTEXT content via the auto_play /
introducing automatically step by step all my audio files:

the playlist rolls from song to song – a good service – and: download if you like, because I delete continuously the worse versions because there is no endless space for free …

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writer, photographer, guitarist

16 responses to “Steel And Wood: FrizzGuitarRag

  1. susan wellington art

    Just beautiful Frizz. Thanks.


  2. Great Ragtime Blues playing!


  3. Sounds great. I love that kind of music. πŸ™‚


    • I like your quotations,
      my latest favorite:

      β€œI think smart is sexy.
      I like smart people.
      People that are comfortable with themselves
      I think is very sexy.
      My cat is really sexy.”

      Gina Gershon


  4. Is this your new style? It has fewer notes on the bass – which makes it cleaner sounding.


  5. You got my feet tapping!


  6. Thank you for brightening my day with your melodious guitar playing. What a wonderful gift you possess!


  7. Hi dietmar du machst hΓΆrbar fortschitte
    You are on the right way
    And suddenly you got the blues


  8. can not open it 😦
    will try later on another browser


  9. A slower version of a Scott Joplin rag. Cool!


    • yes, Rosa, Scott Joplin was much faster; my great goal: to play the entertainer on guitar – friends succeeded in performing this – it is very difficult – I’m more a primitive player – hating to follow notes correctly …


  10. Miracles out of wood and steel you do strum for us, Frizz!


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