Searching For The Georgia Feeling

trying to play on my acoustic guitar a little fingerstyle tribute to Ray Charles … – of course there are much better guitar versions by Django Reinhardt, David Bromberg etc.

below: no that’s not Georgia, the photo was shot by stumbleon / Fred Roessler in California – but maybe it is congenial with the feeling, the message of “Georgia on my mind”?
below: no that’s not Georgia, that’s Ireland, the photo was uploaded by the National Library of Ireland – but maybe it is congenial with the feeling, the message of “Georgia on my mind”?
What an amazing contraption!
below: no that’s not Georgia, that’s Houston, Texas, uploaded by The Library of Congress – but maybe it is congenial with the feeling, the message of “Georgia on my mind”?
House, Houston, Texas (LOC)
below: no that’s not Georgia, that’s in Paris, Europe, uploaded by “foxysangels143″, title: “Mister please play me a song” – but maybe it is congenial with the feeling, the message of “Georgia on my mind”?
Mister please play me a song
• Ray Charles, 2003 Santa Cruz BluesFest, on Memorial Day
Ray Charles, 2003 Santa Cruz BluesFest, on Memorial Day
– photo by Artamia, as usual click on the picture to
enter the galleries of the photographers …
actually I’m trying to learn a better fingerstyle picking on my acoustic guitar,
watch my ongoing soundcloud content via the auto_play /
introducing automatically step by step all my audio files:

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30 responses to “Searching For The Georgia Feeling

  1. I once had the great pleasure of sitting in a ballroom where Ray Charles was playing for the first Georgia Music Hall of Fame awards dinner!


  2. Beeeeeeeautiful rendition! I loved the old photos.
    With each photo, I was thinking, “Is that Georgia?” So I was amused by the continual “No, that’s not Georgia” comment.


  3. I love anything Ray Charles sings. Your guitar playing is quite good. I like it.
    ~~~~~ : – )


  4. I´m hearing all of your songs from “autumn leaves” at my work, and it’s so relaxing that I don´t want the songs to stop… Thanks, I feel really great.


  5. beautifully done! one of my favorite “sweet old songs”. I’m loving waking to a new tune each morning.


    • hi Susan,
      I like your poem 66 very much:

      I have a guitar. I play music on my guitar.
      I have a plant. The plant has three new leaves.
      I have a sister. My sister drives a school bus.
      I have hunger. Hunger goes with me everywhere.
      I have the moon – slept with the moon over my shoulder.
      I have determination. Determination is my weapon.


  6. I loved Georgia- actually liked them all – a great way to end my day


  7. A wonderful post. The pictures capture “just an old sweet song”.
    Your rendition of Georgia was beautiful. I’ve been working on a Georgia blog. There’s a whole story in it for me. I played it for years. Love to sing it even though I can’t. But this past year I actually looked at the sheet music and have been learning it that way. I was using the wrong chords. So there’s a long musical journey for me. But it is such a wonderful song that it keeps me going. Your rendition was just beautiful.


  8. Amy

    Frizzguitar and Ray Charles’ songs, what a treat! Thank you, Frizz!


  9. Love that old sweet song. :)


  10. Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, but my book, The Bellman Chronicles, will be FREE to download on Sept. 10 – 11! Check it out on my Amazon Kindle page.. You won’t be disappointed. And if you can slip me a review, I’d be forever grateful…


  11. …a big smile is my comment!
    Thank you.


  12. ok, now you’ve done it! You played this so beautifully you made me cry with joy. This was a true joy today.


  13. So while I caught up on reading, your playlist rolled from song to song. Ah! New Orleans was heavenly to the soul and ears! thanks, z


  14. with only the sound of the wind, the finches and the waterbirds, this tune was perfect for a mellow sunday morning on the river! thanks! z


  15. Cher

    Amazing shots!


  16. rutheh

    I saw Ray Charles in concert in Pittsburgh and your post made me think if that experience.


  17. “Just this old, sweet song, keeps Georgia on my mind” :-) Beautiful!


  18. I’m loving your tunes each morning Frizz, thank you!


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