Scarborough Fair still in my fingers

When I saw the photo shot by Marina from Moscow, now visiting Scarborough Beach, I had immediately a flashback to what I played so often on my guitar: “Scarborough Fair” by Simon & Garfunkel. 40 years ago? Yes, I have that fixed in my fingers: “still crazy after all that years” (a Paul Simon song-title too …)

misty morning in Scarborough
title=”misty morning in Scarborough” – photo by Marina Proniakova from Moscow, click on the picture to enter her galleries on Flickr
Paul Simon learned that from Martin Carthy 1965 (Steeleye Span), but the song was first published in a song book 1673! Very British!
actually I’m trying to learn a better fingerstyle picking on my acoustic guitar, watch my ongoing soundcloud content:

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12 responses to “Scarborough Fair still in my fingers

  1. Marina

    Oh, dear Frizz!
    Thank you so much, I am REALLY touched!
    You can’t even imagine how it is important for me at the moment I experience now.
    And your voice and guiter sound great!


  2. I have always loved Scarborough Fair, and you play it so well. I really love the bona-nox piece too.


  3. you always inspire me with your work, your posts, and your music too. I am giving you two awards (One lovely blog award and The versatile blog award.


    • PS—sorry i gave you the impression i was trying to build my social network, or that i was using you to do so. I was trying to tell people that your blog is wonderful. I realize you already have tons of followers and don’t need more. But people are always looking for the wonderful things that are out there. I just wanted to say that I appreciate your blog and your hard work. No pressure to pass awards on. I sit on awards for months myself. I always thought of them as a way of complimenting the recipient, not using the recipient or the readers. I am truly sorry that I created that impression. Feel free to delete this reply and my previous one as well, if that is your wish. Sincerely, Kate


      • dear Kate,
        I adore your work, don’t understand me wrong – for sure it’s my bad English (I’m German) – I only wanted to beg your pardon, that it takes too much time for me, to follow all those complicated award rules – instead I try to write a daily blog post with music – that takes time – of course I like to follow your blog, Kate!


  4. “fixed in my fingers”


  5. That song brings back great memories. I loved Simon and Garfunkel in my student days. 😉


  6. Hey make the whole song, I would download it 🙂 ,Just showing what wonderful guitar player you are, Wishing you a very upcoming great weekend friend.


  7. I love this song
    Well done dietmar
    Have a fine day with music


  8. As a fan of Simon and Garfunkel, I love this song! I’m impressed by your rendition. I have some of their music and can listen to them over and over.
    I’d like to be able to play this song, but it will take a while since I haven’t played a whole song of anything since I was a teenager.
    Hubby got me a new guitar a couple of years ago, but I need to heal more (physically) in order to play. He is patiently waiting. Then I can learn to play guitar all over again, and use it for added therapy for my mind.


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