Story Challenge: Letter “i”

Hi Bloggers! Do you have to share a story or a short reflection tagged with the letter “i”? For example I’ve written about an IVY HOUSE (watch below) or India, about IGNORANCE or IRONY, IMMIGRANTS and INEQUALITY, INFORMATION technologies or IN-PUT systems, about insomnia or IKEA, Israel or a “modern iconography”, about Ireland and Iceland, about IRAQ and IRAN, irony or ignorance, ideas and innovators, information wars and immortality etc. – I’m sure you’ll find an own story or a short reflection tagged with “i”! Feel free to add in the comments the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “i”!!!


When my mother tried to show me this house on the isle of Rügen inside, it was closed, a closed museum on a Wednesday. Years after my mother had died (suicide), I remembered her little wish to show me the interior of this house. I had to search very long in many villages to find that little town Gingst again after ten years. The museum was open now, I stepped inside – and – surprise – it was not forbidden to take photos…


  • Do you like to remember special fragments of your mother’s life? Which?
  • Do you like to remember special stories of your father’s life? Which?

Ivy House
title=”Ivy House” – photo by FrizzText – click on the picture to enter my flickr galleries!
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67 responses to “Story Challenge: Letter “i”

  1. i Pad 2 – seen in berlin

    checkpoint charly  berlin 2011


  2. I am fortunate. My mom is 90 and still with me. But I do love to listen to stories of her past and to dig up memories on my own. Dad? He’s been gone a while. Sometimes I remember. Sometimes I wish to forget.


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  4. Hi Frizz, this ivy house looks great. Very idyllic place to live. Here’s my I contribution this week, photos from our trip to Indonesia:


  5. That is a good story.


  6. The photo is beautiful, and your story is poignant. Here is a story about my mother…

    I am so sorry about your mother. This is the story I really want to share with you–a story about my father…


    • * In the freezing Detroit winters, they nailed blankets over the windows because they couldn’t afford coal to heat the house.

      * Mom was the first in her family to attend college, working her way through by reading to blind students.

      * “For fun, dear. After I’ve memorized The Iliad, I’m going to memorize The Odyssey.” (P.S.: I read Homer too)

      * In 1989, I sat at her bedside as she lay dying of cancer. It had been a long hard battle…

      a great tribute to your Mom, Naomi!


      • about your father: “The day before he died, while his kids ran and laughed and played in the yard, my father planted a walnut tree—just a stick of a sapling–by the side of the house. Did he know what he was going to do? Did he plant that tree as his own memorial?…”


  7. I am chock-full of stories, expressions and mannerisms of my parents. My father, a fine and admirable man who passed away at an early age and who I carry within me all the time, might have gotten a chuckle out of this one, a little joke blog called Inspirational Fruits and Vegetables.


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  9. The letter “I” is a interesting letter – yes interesting start with “I” too.. 😉

    Like your story – love stories taken from real life both for good and for worse because it’s real life and I myself have tons of stories about me, my family (back history too), my friends, my relative, my non relatives and so on and on – life’s full of stories… 😉


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  11. I found you story about your mother heartwarming. Here is my entry:



  12. That’s amazing. I prefer my father, perhaps.


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  14. Here is mine frizz and yes, I reflect on different things in my parent’s lives, such as my father being the person who spotted the japanese fleet off New Guinea, alerting his pilot and then the whole of the air defenses, leading to a major battle and victory….yes a plane story too!


  15. Love your story and the house is charming… no wonder your mother wanted to show it to you.
    My story is not so meaningful, but…


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    • thank you for your INFUSIONS
      (I’ll not forget: “miniature stories called Infusions. I write one every morning while I receive an I.V. drip to treat lyme disease. I’m up to 64 Infusions. . .”)


  17. The roof covered in ivy is fabulous. Very nice ..!!!!


  18. Truly heartwarming that you returned after so many years to fulfill your mother’s wish. Beautiful image and story Frizz. Would love to take a peek inside myself 🙂


  19. important information:
    “… years ago the USA had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash ….
    Now they have no Jobs, no Hope and no Cash.”


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  21. Amy

    That is a beautiful ivy house. Thank you for sharing the story close to you heart.


  22. Nice picture of a beautiful house. It’s been long time I haven’t continued to post for this challenge. 😐


  23. The ivy house is so charming! I’m one of the fortunate to have my mother living with me. Here’s a tribute to my father, one of my first posts, which I believe you’ve read, but nevertheless decided to post here.
    Hope to be back with my ‘I’ story soon!


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  26. Impressive Ivy house! It must take a lot of maintenance to keep the ivy manicured?
    Here is my posting. I have some catching up to do:


    • manicured – yes they have a lot of time in those little East German villages … (but they do not know how to make cappuccino – what a pity)
      about your impressive hummingbirds:
      They are independent and migrate alone = not like group tourists
      They can move in all directions instantaneously = like a heli
      indeed = they are inspiring!


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