BONA NOX – Follow Or Fight?

Follow or fight, that’s the question. Would you prefer to join a festival as a fine designed ox or would you prefer to find your death in a bull fight? Different opinions in Spain, Mexico – everywhere in the world. Mozart composed his “BONA NOX” (old latin for “good night”) with rhyme on “OX” maybe considering also the necessarity of civil disobedience as well; the (German) lyrics are very thought provoking (missing any political correctness, are not for children’s ears) …
photo by Miguelángel, Las Palmas, España – click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries…
title=”_MG_0236a” – photo by faelius, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr

“Bona Nox, bist ein rechter Ox”
by Wolgang Amadeus Mozart
notes & lyrics:

French Punk Version:

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19 responses to “BONA NOX – Follow Or Fight?

  1. Bull fighting is so cruel… wish we could find a way to make it fun without bulls or matadors losing their lives. 😦


  2. Well, obviously NOT the bull fight!
    Nice fingerstyle, Frizz!!!
    Reminded me of schooldays… “Frère Jacques”.
    It’s so pleasant listening to your “ongoing soundcloud”!


  3. I agree with Marina, nice fingerstyle! Always glad to have a chance to hear you play, Frizz.


  4. This blog post title intrigued and puzzled me on Twitter and in my email–love placing this conundrum in front of these oxen!


  5. Of course I prefer to join a festival as a fine designed ox! I truly don’t think that a bull want to find death in a bull fight. Don´t you think?
    Kind greetings.


    • hello Marianne,
      I hope, the bull hopes very long that he could win the unfair fight – though no God seems to have interest to support him like once in the Ilias of the Greek Homer


  6. I like your guitar talent, but not the bull fight. I went to a bull fight in Madrid and I never want to go again.


    • I like Spanish guitar compositions, Flamenco, Siesta – my daughter studied in Madrid – I even accepted Semana Santa – bought a wonderful guitar there – but would avoid to visit a bull fight; prefered instead to enjoy the good vibrations in the Retiro Park’s Crystal Palace, visited some Flamenco bars in the night …


  7. What an interesting post! I liked to get to listen to your voice, and you are an excellent guitar player. I really enjoyed listening to the different versions of Bona Nox.

    As for your question, I choose neither! I see no honor in tormenting a miserable beast who has no hope of winning, whose fate is to be publicly tortured and then dragged out of the ring as a bloody corpse. If it is going to be hamburger in any case, why put it through all that torture?

    I wouldn’t be a very good ox, either. I am a hard worker, but have been very fortunate to be able to choose my own path, thus far.


  8. Not much of a choice Frizz! The bullfight is definitely the worse option though. Saw one in Madrid several years ago and walked out halfway.
    Your music selection on the other hand is wonderful! I agree….great finger style 🙂


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